3 Places to Find Free Wi-Fi While Traveling

When I travel, I always bring my laptop, because I need to stay in contact with the digital world. I’m a bit enslaved, I’ll admit, but it’s vital to my career that I have access to the Internet once or twice a day, which can really be tough when I’m traveling to remote areas. If you’re a traveler, here’s a look at four places that often offer free Wi-Fi that you can take advantage of to make sure that you don’t miss an important email or website update while you’re on the road.

  1. Coffee Houses. The most popular free Wi-Fi zones in major cities are around coffee houses, as they’re a great place to enjoy a cup or two while catching up on email or surfing the web. Most coffee houses offer free Wi-Fi, but some insist on a purchase first (and even if they don’t, it’s polite to at least buy some coffee). Some sell Internet time or keep the Wi-Fi password behind the counter, but popular coffee shops like Starbucks usually offer travelers completely free Wi-Fi without any strings attached.

  1. Hotels. Hotels often have a few wireless routers set up for their visitors, and you didn’t hear it from me, but you can easily park outside a hotel and check your email quickly. There’s a password on some of the big hotels’ Wi-Fi connections, but many just leave their passwords open. This is good when you need to check email or get directions off the Internet in a hurry, but don’t spend all day surfing the web in a hotel parking lot, or you’re bound to have some issues with the management. For work at home, the purchase should be made after checking the superboost wifi review. The management of the speed should be good for the working of the person. The password of the wifi should be strong so that it cannot be hacked through the third person. The safety will be excellent with the additional features.
  1. Government buildings. An increasing number of government buildings are offering free Wi-Fi access. Hey, it’s cheaper than a library, and it provides the public with a lot of the same information services. Look for courthouses and even DMVs. Note that there may be limitations on any Wi-Fi offered by a government building that prevents certain sites from being accessed or restricts access to only certain websites.

Do you know of any other places that offer free Wi-Fi that travelers can take advantage of? Post in the comments section below.


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