7 Tips for Family Camping Fun

The mercury is rising, the sun is staying up for longer and the fireflies are congregating at night. This must be summer. It is time to get outside and experience what Mother Nature has to offer before the temperature drops. This is the best excuse to grab a tent, some hot dogs and some marshmallows and head out for a camping trip.

But hold it right there. Camping is a simple and inexpensive family trip, but there are a few things to consider before you hit the great outdoors. Here are seven tips to get you on your way and allow more time for fun.

Decide whether you would like to go primitive or modern. Primitive camping can be adventurous but not for the faint of heart and typically not good for families with small children. Modern camping can be comfortable, but may not provide the deep connection to nature that some may seek and may not seem that different from home. It is up to you to choose what level of adventure or comfort you desire.    Figure out what you want from your campsite. Make a list of activities you want to participate in on your trip. Are you interested in hiking, riding on a bike trail, fishing, swimming, or floating? Figure out what you and your family want from your camping adventure before you head out the door. Then research campsites that offer the activities you want.    Determine how far you want to go. Most of us live with in a couple of hours of a campsite that will offer fire pits, water and trash cans at the very least. But, it can be fun to travel a bit further and see what the other areas have to offer in outdoor entertainment. Be sure to get a local fishing license if you plan to fish in a different state.    Decide what level of food you want to cook and eat. Are you the adventurous type that wants to experiment with fireside cooking? Or, does the most cooking you are interested in involve a stick and a wiener. Planning your meals involves more then just hitting the grocery store. You have to make sure that you have all of the tools to do the job. Also, it’s best to plan a couple of meals that do not involve fire in case of rain.    Bring extras. Space may be tight, but you will most likely not regret packing that extra pair of shoes should yours be sucked down a river. Extra clothes, shoes, bug spray and towels will not go bad and could just mean the difference between comfort and misery.    Pack a good first aid kit. Many high quality first aid kits can be found at drug stores and department stores. They may contain a lot of items that you do not see as necessary, but it is always better to be safe then sorry. Also, many large first aid kits contain over the counter medicines which negates the need to pack many bottles. Finally, the large kits usually come with a basic first aid guide with step by step instructions should the need for first aid come into play.    Finally, relax. You will probably not remember everything that you need, and you will not need everything that you bring. It is inevitable. Adaptation is key, and you will be surprised what you can make do with.

Camping is an outstanding way to reconnect with nature and can be a cheap, easy family vacation with a little planning. Even the first time camper can be happy if properly prepared for a trip to the great outdoors. In the family sized tents, a person should get a cabin tent for camping. The playing of the games for the children will be convenient and comfortable. The spending of the vacations should be enjoyable for the person. Proper research should be made at online sites to get the best cabin camping tents. 


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