Airport Spas: Relax Before You Travel

Air travel has become increasingly stressful since 9/11, but airports around the country are trying to ease your tension by providing airport spas. Located on the other side of the infamous security, airport spas serve to comfort and prepare you for travel. Although most are not full-service spas, you can usually get a relaxing massage, a quick dose of oxygen therapy or even a facial before you have to board your plane.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark, NJ

If you’re looking for relaxation when flying out of the northeast, you might want to try d_parture spa at Newark airport. Focused on ten- and twenty-minute treatments, this particular spa is the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Decorated in pale shades of orange, blue and green, d_parture has two locations within Newark airport: One at Gate 92 in Terminal C and another across from the Duty Free shop in Terminal B. You can also find them across from Suntrust Bank at Orlando International Airport in Florida.

Services at d_parture airport spa include not only facial, foot and chair massage, but also a full range of nail services, including manicures, pedicures and Paraffin treatments. If you haven’t gotten a hair cut in some time, you might want to stop by this airport spa, as they provide a salon for both men and women. Their business trim is only $25 and they also provide highlights.

Detroit Wayne County International Airport

Detroit, MI

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to your airport spa needs, you might want to try OraOxygen at Detroit International. Located in the Edward McNamara Terminal, OraOxygen is decorated in blues, greens and metallic gray with beautiful waterfall and plantlife murals to calm you while you enjoy a massage or other treatment. One of the most unique services that this airport spa provides is showers, which you won’t find in many other airports. You can take a long, luxurious shower to wash the travel away for $15.00 or for only $10.00 if you purchase another service.

As airport spas go, OraOxygen offers one of the most diverse lines of services, but their signature service is Oxygen Therapy, which is growing in popularity all over the country. You sit in a comfortable chair with a two-pronged oxygen tube in your nostrils, which releases oxygen mixed with essential oils at a languid pace. While I have never tried it myself, it is supposed to relax the nerves and boost the immune system. Oxygen therapy at this airport spa costs only $18.00 by itself or $15.00 when combined with another service.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Baltimore, MD

The airport spa at BWI is called Destination Relaxation and can be found in two locations. The first is a small kiosk for chair massage at Pier B, across from the Brookstone storefront, and the second is a full-service location at Pier A, adjacent to Gate A6. They offer full-body massages, manicures, pedicures, chair massage and foot and hand massages, though their prices are a little more expensive than airport spas in other locations.

Airport spas are expected to continue popping up in airports nationwide, so check the business maps at your local airport to see if you can find one available. Airports such as Chicago’s O’Hare, Denver International, Boston’s Logan International and JFK International in New York already have airport spas in business.

SPAs are the latest norm that the airports have taken to like fish to water and why not since it is a convenient way to for people to relax their bodies and minds from the immense pressure originated from workload in the office and problems in personal life. Apart from the aforementioned ones, Seattle Washington Tacoma airport too has its own share of unique facilities and its SPA is also an excellent hangout spot for local residents in the area and the fact that it is an airport SPA makes no difference to them as all they want is their money’s worth.


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