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Your save the date cards or wedding invitations that you send to family and friends will be the very first impression of what your wedding day style is going to be like months in advance. Every bride to be wants to make the very best impression and wants their guests to be really excited for the big day ahead, all from an invitation! You can include your chosen colour scheme in your invitations and stationery and the design of the invitation may well represent your chosen theme for your wedding day, whether it be fluttering butterflies or floral fantasies.

When should we send our save the date cards and invitations out?

Save the date cards are usually sent out between 1 year and 8months before your wedding day. Usually if your big day is during a busy holiday period then the more notice you can give will help your guests arrange holidays around your event, to avoid yours and theirs disappointment. Wedding invitations are usually sent out around 5 – 2 months before your wedding day, I suggest if you haven’t sent save the date cards out you should give your guests more notice, again so they can arrange transport and babysitters well in advance. It is all about being prepared, if you are prepared in good time you won’t stress over it!

How should we ask our guests to RSVP?

In our modern day with a multitude of different ways to communicate you are able to give your guests more than the traditional way of the RSVP card to reply, although saying that the RSVP card is here to stay as a lot of brides still choose this as their main method of receiving replies. Other ways to invite your guests to rsvp include a mobile number for them to text you at, an email address for your replies, a dedicated Facebook page or a wedding reply website. These are all popular ways to allow your guests to reply. I would suggest allowing 2 methods of reply an RSVP card for the more traditional guest and another method for those pending guests with not a lot of spare time and will find it easier to text you or leave a message on your dedicated Facebook page as they probably spend a lot of time on the internet or their phone.

Is it necessary to have on the day wedding stationery?

The simple answer is – it is your choice and not compulsory! The role of on the day wedding stationery is to help the flow of your day and allows your guests to know what is happening and were they are meant to be without them all flapping around causing chaos. The order of service guides your guests through your ceremony, the table plan instructs which table your guests are sitting at and the name place cards shows them their exact seat, the plan you have been sweating over for months to make sure everybody is sat where you think they should. You can choose which items of on the day stationery you need to make sure your day flows how you have always dreamt.

Having lovely, quality invitations and stationery is all good and well, but I don’t have a massive budget to spend on them?

Surprisingly you don’t need a huge budget to have awesome, elegant quality invitations and stationery. We don’t believe brides should have to spend hundreds of pounds on invitations, let alone all the other bits of stationery you require, that’s why our wide range of stationery is priced to suit even the smallest of budgets. For more jewelry options, you can check on


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