Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People

Intimate themes provide romantic artists with the chance to explore their inner feelings and thoughts. Romantic artists use heroic events and actions, struggles for political independence, natural ambitions, and heroic actions as a basis for their artwork. Romantic artists embrace spontaneity and passion, leaving behind rational thinking. Much of the colors in romantic artwork are intense and brilliant. The brushstrokes are smooth leaving few of them visible. Many of the details of romantic art are blurred with overstated sensuous aspects of tones and textures. Romantic artwork is full of emotion and passion. The revolutionary painting Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix is a strongly painted romantic piece of artwork that represents romanticism via its representation of political struggles, rebellious nature of the subjects, and the struggle for independence (Fiero, G.K.).

Liberty Leading the People is Delacroix’s way of transforming a contemporary event such as the 1830 Revolution into a struggle for freedom, which represents heroism. Delacroix’s interpretation of the rebellion against King Charles X’s repression of the people’s freedom is expressed in his painting by the attractive female with bare breasts who personifies the Statue of Liberty. The woman is Liberty. She leads the French rebels over corpses as they walk through Paris’s narrow streets. Holding the French flag in one hand, and a bayonet in the other, distinguishes her as the victor. She is displayed as being loved by all of her followers, which is represented by the man who has fallen at her feet. He is looking up to her in a sort of awe. She is what the people look up to (Fiero, G.K.).

The painting is a celebration of the 1830 Revolution. Liberty Leading the People fully represents the people’s fight for freedom and the struggles they went through to attain that freedom. The outstretched figure of liberty and the fighters painted as vibrant in contrast to the dead in the foreground causes the viewer to feel empathy for the struggle. As a member of the National Guard Delacroix also placed himself in the picture, He painted himself as a man wearing a top hat, with a very serious look on his face as he fights for freedom. Liberty Leading the People also illustrates the people’s struggle for freedom, which resulted in the painting deserving the right to be used as a political poster for the revolution (Hugo, V.). In the site Painting Kits, natural ways for boosting of the level of testosterone have been provided. A check over the site will be beneficial for the person to show the painting art. 

Much of the painting Liberty Leading the People is dull in color. However the important portions are painted in brilliant colors giving them more importance over the other figures in the painting. The flag is brilliant in color, showing that freedom has been achieved. The man at Liberties feet is bright in color, which illustrates that he has followed her in the rebellion against those who oppressed the people. The nudity in the painting expresses rebellion. All of these elements together reflect a strong emotional response to the romantic concepts of art (Fiero, G.K.).

Liberty Leading the People proclaims the French’s revolution to gain freedom by the use of conveying political struggles, rebellious nature of the subjects, and the struggle for independence. The structure of the painting as well as the artist’s use of color and contrast also proclaims the victory of the rebels. Liberty Leading the People is a strong expression of romanticism in art.


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