Eyelash Enhancers What You Need To Know

If you are thinking about trying an eyelash enhancer and can’t decide which type of eyelash enhancer is right for you then this article may be of help. This is the basics of what you need to know about eyelash enhancers.

When you decide to buy Eyelash extensions, you need to know everything about them. The decision taken through the information is correct for women. A guide is also available to the people at the online site. If you will follow it, then an impressive look is available to you with the right eye lashes.

Why Buy an Eyelash Enhancer?

There are various reasons why people decide to buy eyelash enhancers. In some cases, illness has resulted in eyelash loss or breakage resulting in short or almost non existent lashes. In other cases, lashes have simply broken from heavy use of mascaras, curling, and improper removal of eyelashes.

There are also those who simply want longer or thicker lashes than nature gave them. While the individual reasons for buying eyelashes may vary the end result is that these people want longer thicker eyelashes.

Types of Eyelash Enhancement and How They Work

There are basically three types of eyelash enhancements. These are eyelash extensions, prescription eyelash growth products, and over the counter growth products.

Eyelash extensions are usually mink hair or a synthetically made lashes that are bonded to your own natural lashes one lash at a time to make your own lashes look thicker and fuller. Depending on how skilled the person doing the extension is your extensions may look real or they may look not noticeably unreal.

Prescription eyelash growth products are those products that are applied to the upper lash line of your eye and stimulate faster growth of the eyelash. These products are similar to over the counter eyelash growth products except for the fact they they contain ingredients that may affect your health or eyesight so their use needs to be monitored by a doctor.

Over the counter eyelash growth products normally use ingredients that are either herbal or synthetic or a combination of the two to stimulate eyelash growth. In some cases these products also include conditions to help prevent breakage of your lashes.

Cost of Eyelash Enhancement

The price you pay for an eyelash enhancement depends on the type of enhancement you choose. In the case of eyelash extensions the initial cost of the extension is around $250 to $300 and then these lashes need to be filled every two or three weeks to keep them looking long and thick. Fillers usually run about $75.00 dollars. At some point usually around 6 to 8 weeks you need to have the old extensions removed and new ones put on which is another $250 to $300 plus the cost of the removal which is around $75.00 to $90.00.

Prescription eyelash growth products usually cost around $120.00 or a little higher per month plus the cost of your doctors visit to get the prescription which can vary depending on your doctor, anywhere from $65.00 to well over $100.00 per visit. Once your lashes have reached maximum length and thickness your doctor will probably recommend you only use the product every other day for maintenance of your lashes this will drop the cost of your prescription to around $60.00 a month but, the cost of your doctor visits will remain the same.

Over the counter eyelash growth products may run from between $45.00 and close to $100.00 or a little more for the really effective ones. (Some less effective ones are considerably less) With over the counter growth products the cost of the product itself is all you pay unless you buy online and then there is usually a small shipping and handling charge.

Risks Of Eyelash Enhancement Products

When it comes to the risk of eyelash enhancement products here again just how much risk is involved and what those risks are depends on the type of eyelash enhancement you choose. Some of the risks that are posed by eyelash extensions include:

  • allergic reaction to the bonding cement used to adhere the lashes
  • fake looking lashes
  • The risk of receiving an eye injury from an unskilled or new worker
  • The risks posed by prescription eyelash growth product is:
  • dry eyes
  • burning, itching, and redness
  • discoloration of the upper lid
  • discoloration of the iris itself
  • damage to eye sight
  • While over the counter eyelash growth products generally offer no risks there are a few products that can cause itching, burning, and eye irritation
  • Simply don’t work

While it is impossible to avoid the risks associated with either eyelash extensions or prescription growth products it is entirely possible to avoid the risks posed by some of the over the counter eyelash growth products by simply choosing a product that is known to work and has no negative side effects.

One of the most recommended over the counter eyelash growth products on the market today is Idol Lash. This eyelash enhancer has been proven effective and growing longer lashes, contains added ingredients that conditions and strengthens lashes to prevent breakage, has no side effects and is one of the most reasonably priced products available for growing thicker longer lashes.

Now that you have the information you need to make an informed choice of which eyelash enhancement product is right for you making that decision should be much easier.


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