Gardening- Pastime of a Lifetime

There is a fine line of gap between home and work where you have to balance yourself on both sides equally without losing focus otherwise you are going to end up nowhere.

A working person is basically a guest in his own house, which is more like a hotel or lodge where he comes home late at night and departs to the office again early in the morning, which is a pseudo-home for him.

Nevertheless, while at home, he is given a temporary respite from work pressure in order to spend more time with his family but is it the only thing to do to pass time in the house?

No because today, everyone has to be an expert at multitasking and as mentioned above, you have to balance your house work with office work and only then will you be an expert at it.

Garden Calling

It is easier said than done that you need to learn the art of multitasking to master it but difficult to follow through as the general mindset of any person is that he is lazy and lethargic and wants to rest while in house because hard work is limited to office.

Gardening is an excellent example of a popular pastime that can be practiced by people of all age groups, not just the old and veteran grown-ups. If the youngsters start taking it up as a hobby, then they can become experts in this field as they grow older and that is where this practice will come in handy to them.

To be frank, gardening is not about planting of fruits and vegetables in your backyard and then plucking it out and cook and eat it, where in between you clean up all the mess and muck.

It can be considered an art of sorts that forms the very basis of horticulture. In simple words, horticulture is defined as the practice of agriculture of plants and animals for the purpose of food, comfort and decorating beautiful things which are a part of nature.

Gardening freaks take it upon themselves to spend quality time with the plants and animals that they consider the foundation of this practice and for whom they are no less than family members.


The history of gardening goes back to the ancient times and forest gardening is the world’s oldest part which involves maintaining and sustaining food production materials  based on environment and ecosystem.

However, to become an excellent gardener, you would need a couple of things at hand in order to make it a successful practice like tools, fresh land full of greenery everywhere, etc.

The most important tool to keep your lawn neat and clean is an electric lawn mower, which is useful in cutting out the overgrown grass and roots to make it look more beautiful and homely.

When you look back at history, you wouldn’t find electric mowers as they did not exist then and people had to manually pluck out all the unnecessary grass with their bare hands and that was a hard task to say the least.

But now, things have become easier as the mower does half the job by itself due to electricity and this is an invention that should make all the gardeners and farmers around the world to thank modern science.

Best Mowers

Let us take a look at some of the best electric lawn mowers because you simply cannot pick a random mower and start mowing your lawn as that would be ridiculous so first take into consideration the size of the lawn and then buy a mower accurate to it.

Some important ones are as follows:

  1. Greenworks 20 inch 12 amp corded is the first one that comes to mind and has sharp and efficient blades that easily cut through grass in a smooth fashion and is therefore the best mower for cord
  2. Black Decker is another one in the list that cannot be ignored due to its quality and excellent performance as a lawn mower as its more of a trimmer than a mower and munches grass away in a uniform fashion
  3. American Lawn Mower is the best if you want to cut turf grass and is reliable in nature with good customer service support

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