Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Buying a gift for the elderly isn’t that difficult. Considering that most older folks have everything they need and probably have a house full of nic-nac’s and don’t need anymore, when you’re looking to purchase a gift for them, think practical. Here are a few suggestions I’ve come up with that may make your shopping choice a little easier.

If you are looking to give a gift to an elderly person from a child, the best thing you can give them is something hand made. Older people, especially grandparents, love to receive gifts that a child made with their own two hands. Coloring a picture or making something out of clay and decorated by your child is a gift they will always treasure. Perhaps have your child make something out of Popsicle sticks and have them color or paint it the way they want or give them a piece of heavy cardboard and some decorative supplies and have them construct a beautiful picture. The smile on the receivers face will be priceless.

For an adult to buy for an older person, there are a few suggestions that will always be appreciated. A blanket throw that they can use when sitting watching Television on the sofa is a good choice. Older people always seem to be affected by the cold more than younger people. There are so many types of throws available at major department stores and in different styles and colors. This is a gift that will be more than likely be used often.

Jigsaw puzzles are also a gift that will keep them busy and keep their minds working. If they have never done a jigsaw puzzle before, buy one with about 500 pieces until they get used to it. After they finish that puzzle, they will look to do another. It’s very relaxing and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you finished.

Practical gifts such as installing grab rails inside your house to make their lives easier are great gifts to give. Because older people have a lot of pride they sometimes feel that they don’t have special needs and won’t purchase some things for themselves. When we get older, some of us might find it harder to read smaller print or have difficulty hearing. For these cases, I bought my parents a universal remote control for their television with larger buttons. This makes life a little easier for them when changing the channels or adjusting the volume. I also bought a device that hooks on to their telephone that flashes a light and amplifies the ringer when the phone rings. Now they never miss a call. For security, buy a few nice night lights that go on by themselves when it begins to get dark. They can plug one in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room and they will never have to walk around in the dark again. This also keeps the house safer because someone is less likely to break in if they see lights on. I also purchased a key chain for them that has an alarm button on it. This way if they are out and someone approaches them, they can press the button to sound an ear-piercing alarm that will draw attention.

If the person you are buying for is a relative, a collage of pictures of the family framed is a great gift. Memories are something older people treasure, gather up old photos from other family members, and put them all together in a picture frame for them to enjoy. Everyone’s lifestyle is different so just think practical and you will be sure to pick out the right gift.


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