How Does A Business Use Instagram Direct?


It is quite observable that social media networks are the growing platforms for brand awareness, marketing, engagement, sales, and leads. While most people are using fast, free and fun options like WhatsApp and Google Hangouts, the business entities are showing a growing trend for sticking to services provided by social media networks. For example, Instagram is one of the most recommended and used social media networks by business entities to promote their products and services.

It is evident to say that Facebook remains the king of the social media network however it has certainly got a few partners like Instagram to take the throne. Instagram Direct is a feature Of Instagram that instantly creates an easy connection with selected users at a single time on a more intimate, more personal, and more individual level. This unique feature of Instagram is highly used by business entities and it seems to be quickly catching up on Facebook messengers as it is reporting more than 375 million active users each month.

There is plenty number of ways in which one business can get the benefits of incorporating Instagram direct messaging into their campaigns, targeting, and engagement. The mentioned idea of targeting help in using Instagram to increase the chances of conversion by providing the right audience with the right content. One can also buy Instagram followers and start interacting with them through this Instagram direct messaging service to help the business promoting its idea and spreading awareness among its potential customers. And the idea of exclusivity kind of speaks for itself that is every customer wants to feel valued and important.

A business entity can use this by sending out several exclusive offers to select accounts using direct messaging that can make the consumers feel more inclined to take action regarding it. Despite all this sometimes transaction doesn’t happen right away but it surely gives the business a Golden opportunity to nurture the relationship with the customer and provide one on one customer care. To get solid proof about the functioning of an Instagram direct message, one can take the case studies of different famous businesses.


1. Hyatt

It is one of the hotel chains that very much use its Instagram to maintain a good relationship with its customer. Hyatt and the team always catch this opportunity to wish their customers a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas a happy new year with a very jolly photograph that certainly catches the attention of the potential customers towards the hotel chain system and Hyatt.

2. Kardashian kollection

Kim Kardashian popularly used this Instagram messaging service to send an exclusive photograph to just 15 to the collection’s followers as a way of testing the waters. The bride and high-quality image included a hashtag which was shared with the motive that the lucky recipients would be re-sharing it to their own Instagram channels that will lead to massive boosting of ‘KK’ awareness.

Instagram direct messaging service can be very much useful in promoting the business and building the brand as it presents an easy way of controlling off horses what and ensuring the right people see the right content at the right time leading to connection with recipients on a deeper level.


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