Make Minecraft Run Faster – Know About The Running

Is Minecraft running slowly for you? Is it hard to play because minecraft lags every second? It’s not your fault! Minecraft should be able to run fine on every system, and it’s just a matter of tweaking your settings!

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Here’s what your settings may look like right now, but these are bad settings.

Here are some tips that you can use to increase your performance in minecraft (boost your fps, reduce lag):

1: Go to video settings and turn off Fancy Graphics. Fancy graphics makes the game look nice and makes the items look 3d, but it requires your computer to calculate a lot more and will slow down your game performance.

2: Turn down your render distance to as low as you can tolerate. This will increase your fps a lot and will make your game a lot smoother. Unfortunately, it means that the game will look a lot more foggy and you can’t see at far. But it’s a small price to pay for high performance.

3: Max Framerate. If your computer constantly stutters, it may be because your computer is working overtime. By LOWERING your max framerate, you give your computer some breathing room. If you lower your max framerate, your game will have fewer lag spikes, but may not run as smooth as you want it to.

4: Turn off clouds, they reduce performance.

5: Particles, turn them off as they also reduce performance. They’re just extra calculation your computer needs to handle. They look nice, but if you’re focused on getting your game to run faster, it’s better to sacrifice aesthetics for performance.

6: Smooth Lighting, turn it to a minimum. Your computer has to do calculations to make the lighting look very smooth (like when you’re walking into a cave) Turning it down eliminates that calculation but makes the lighting difference look a lot more blocky.

7: Turn off Anisotropic Filtering

When you do all the things above, your settings should look something like this! Note that you can still turn down the render distance and lower the framerate.

Hopefully this will allow your minecraft to run better!


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