Open Source Software and The Power of Innovation

Nowadays, some companies are using OSS or Open Source System. This kind of tool provides wide variety of benefits to an organization. One of the best things about OSS is that it allows companies to experience vendor independence. Hence, with this kind of software, companies are not locked into a specific vendor, buying structures, costs and even re-distribution terms. On top of that, through the use of OSS, companies are also able to speed up their development, lower their cost and keep them on cutting edge of technology through innovation. Thus, when a company uses OSS, it will have a competitive advantage in the industry.

Now, you might be wondering how it is possible for OSS to provide flexibility to companies. First reason is through vendor experience. As mentioned earlier, through OSS, companies are never locked into a vendor. They have the independence to manage everything pertaining to vendor relationship/ Second, there is no contractual limits on deployment because OSS has quite liberal terms. Hence, companies have the chances of becoming more flexibility on the platforms, number of processors, number of users and others. OSS also allows customization. Since companies are in possession of their source code through OSS, they have also the freedom to customize their needs. This allows them to support modification in future releases. Through OSS, companies also experience open-source communities which makes it easier for the company to expand the solution that they have for a particular problem. OSS also allows companies to have a collaborative community maintenance and support. With this, they are able to provide on-going support and at the same time, they encourage suggestions for development.

Originally, OSS was perceived as a great strategy and tool to enhance innovation and development through collaboration. This kind of approach has proven to be effective. As a matter of fact, lots of software technologies are always driven by open-source communities. Moreover, both integration and innovation are considered as an open-source domain. OSS also allows and promotes incredible rate of innovation. And as we all know, lots of people are now using social media and the market for this platform has grown drastically. Overall, the benefits of OSS in different companies are remarkable. This is also the reason why lots of companies are considering this platform. It can surely change the traditional landscape of the companies in terms of technology and innovation.

Another great thing about OSS is that it is not a free technology. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest misconceptions about OSS is that it is totally free. But it is not. OSS is considered as a pure OS and commercial OS. To differentiate the two, Pure OS is a kind of software that organizations with an internal team uses in order to maintain its open-source solutions. On the other hand, commercial IS allowing external management. This is perfect for companies who would like to see their solutions on a larger scale.

As mentioned earlier, lots of companies are now using OSS and so is the government. The government has also accepted OSS in a certain extent. Most of the software being used by different organizations are an open-source stacks. Surely, with its remarkable and commendable benefits, lots of industries including research and education would also love the benefits that OSS can give to them. In this world where most of the companies are striving hard to be the leader in the industry, utilizing tools that are modern and beneficial is very crucial.

As per the experts, OSS is expected to become even more prevalent in the future. Since lots of companies are now using open source for their products to be developed, OSS I expected to be the go to solutions of companies. There are now lots of companies that are making cloud-based products using open-source technologies. For these companies, OSS is very crucial solution for business. It enables them to make products without spending huge amount of moment to OEMS.

Indeed, innovation is an important aspect of the industry. For a business to become competitive, it has to go through different innovations, use different tools and make the best out of it.


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