Prevent Back Pain! – Watch the Children and their activities!!

Back pain and related problems are increasing exponentially day by day. Today, perhaps more than any other time in history, a back pain treatment has become a compulsory measure by many, including myself, who are stricken with chronic back pain.

This article addresses why, and suggests ways of avoiding chronic back pain. Actually the problem stems from our childhood. It is likely most of us can’t recall a young child complaining of back pain unless they had fallen. Along with the children, The Spine Center treats patients with spine injuries and back pain of the adults. Specific measures will be provided to reduce the chronic pain from the body. 

When watching a young child go about their daily activities, they almost always sit and lift properly as if the back pain problem is an unheard name . They usually lift with their legs and rarely are caught hunched over. With the passage of time and as our lives become more chaotic and disorderly the natural tendency is become lazier and less likely to take care of our backs. With busier lifestyles comes hours of bending over a computer, or sitting behind a desk and the inclination to ignore the unavoidable and imminent back pain.

If permitted children will choose to run and jump continuously whereas adults have a tendency to avoid sports and play, blaming the lack of time and the possibility of appearing silly. The result of which is gaining weight and becoming less flexible.

Here are some obvious answers to the dilemma of avoiding chronic back pain and treatment requiring back pain exercises :

1. Take an example from the children! Sit properly, stand occasionally and have a good stretch. By all means always practice proper lifting techniques.

2. When going to bed make sure your back and shoulder blades are under cover. Breezes from any source could very well contribute to back pain. The trade-off for reducing stress in that area is to cause more strain in another part of the back.

3. To protect your neck and keep you spine stabilized, avoid using a pillow that is too thick or too thin. Attempt a fetal position by laying on one side or the other and raise your knees to your chest.

4. Avoid jumping out of bed when you first wake up. Warm up your back by enjoying a leisurely stretch to start off your day.

5. When sitting, sit normally and without hunching over. This may require giving some thought about good posture and how to achieve it. Attempt it now and notice how the shoulders will hang naturally and how the muscles in your back will relax.

6. While sitting, be sure your feet are flat on the floor.

7. While working at a desk or otherwise sitting for prolonged periods of time, stand up at least every half hour.

8. When lifting, regardless of the weight, it’s wise to always bend at the knees while keeping your back straight.

9. When planning any kind of physical activity, be sure to perform warm-up exercises first and as usual, listen to what your body may be telling you. Contrary to what many believe, pain is not good and any exercise routine should be stopped at once, especially when encountering back pain.

If, when contemplating exercise, you find yourself short of time, or you just feel like you don’t have enough energy, watch the children. You’ll be amazed at their unending ability to go and go. Watch and learn, because they are almost without a doubt the best example of how to look after yourself and avoiding back pain and the dreadful back pain exercises. The children in this case ARE the teachers.


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