Quick Guide Grow Marijuana – Check the guide 

Legalization of marijuana use for both medical and recreational purposes is quickly sweeping the nation.

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As of this writing, there are already eight states that have decriminalized both medical and recreational cannabis. There are also other 23 states which have agreed to pass laws that allow its medical use.

If you are located in any of these states where it is legally enacted, you might want to start growing your own.

Below are the 10 steps to guide you in starting up your marijuana cultivation.

  1. Choose the location to grow your marijuana plants

There are basically two options. It’s either you sprout them outdoor or indoor.

For outdoors, you can use your backyard, garden or if you really have a wide lot you can utilize for farming.

Indoor growing can assure you of your privacy and can give you more control on what you yield . This option is best if you are only planning on growing just few plants. Since you control everything in an enclosed set up, there is more responsibility in your hands. If you are not very keen in taking care of your cannabis plant, there is a very huge possibility that it will die.

  1. Choose the light you’ll be using

If your location is outdoors, your source of light is, obviously, the sun. However, if you will be growing marijuana plants indoors, you will have to use artificial light. There are several options for artificial lighting and some of them are the following: Fluorescent lights like CFL or T5/T8, LED grow light, Metal Halide (MH), and High Pressure Sodium lights (HPS).

  1. Choose your medium

There are several grow mediums you can choose from. You can either plant your marijuana in a composted soil or use a soilless mix. A soilless mix could be a coco coir, a vermiculite, or a perlite. You also have the option to just use water or also known as the hydroponics or aquaponics.

  1. Pick your cannabis nutrients

Using cannabis nutrients is really a must so your plants can grow at its best. Hydroponics and aquaponics plants will also require cannabis nutrients but make sure you are using the one specifically for hydroponics.

  1. Find where you can get cannabis plants or seeds

If you know someone who grows marijuana plants in real life, you are lucky. You could probably just ask for some plant or seed you can start with. Otherwise, there are dispensaries who sell clones or seeds. There are also breeders or seed bank online where you could purchase marijuana plants or seeds.

  1. Germinate your seeds

Growing in popularity nowadays is the use of Rapid Rooter which is a sponge-like material where you could put your seeds to until they are ready to be planted to their actual spot.

  1. Grow your cannabis plants

Once your seeds have already grown to have sets of leaves, they are already in vegetative state. You pretty much just need to make sure that they grow healthy until they are ready. Make sure you water them and feed them with the cannabis nutrients regularly. You also need to make sure that they get enough light.

  1. Cannabis flowering

This is the stage where you will need to determine which of your marijuana plants are females and which are males. You will need to get rid of the marijuana plants that are males because only the females are the one producing buds

  1. Time for harvest

You have to wait until the buds have stopped growing new white hairs and when these have darkened. The buds should be fragrant by this time.

  1. Drying and curing of your buds

After your buds have been harvested, hang them in an upside down position in a well ventilated dark place. Once your marijuana buds have dried, cure them by putting in a tightly closed mason jars in a dark and cool place. For two weeks, open the containers once a day for several seconds to release moisture.


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