Single Player Commands Mod

The single-player commands mod along with a reliable Minecraft alt generator is very useful for your Minecraft world. It helps you do many things in the Minecraft world. You just type the command for doing many things in your Minecraft world. This mod is really helpful which makes it important to be owned. You are really suggested to install it in your Minecraft to get a lot of convenient to do many things. This mod is popular because of the convenient ways that it is offered to the minecrafter. You will not regret having the Single player commands mod. This is very necessary to help you work in your Minecraft world.

Single Player Commands Mod: Feature and Installation

The Single player commands mod Minecraft 1.2.5 let you rest for a while from the many activities that may make you bored playing Minecraft. You will get an interesting experience in the Minecraft world. The mod is very useful for your Minecraft. You can command Minecraft to do certain things just by type the command. It is very easy to be used and very simple. This mod provides you the power to work on hundreds or even a thousand things. You can type the word jump then your character will jump and also you can type the number of the command.

To be able to use the Single player commands mod you have to install the single-player commands mod download in your Minecraft. To install it is very easy and simple. You can follow the steps below to install it in your Minecraft.

  • Download the Single player commands mod
  • Type the %appdata% in the start menu
  • Open the .minecraft/bin
  • Open the mincraft.jar
  • Delete the folder of META INF files
  • Move all of the files from the mod
  • Play Minecraft to run the mod
  • Press T to type the command

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