Sponsored Gifts in Pokemon GO Explained

Pokemon Go is considered as one of the successful games across the globe. This game went beyond the traditional mobile games. On top of that, Pokemon Go has never stopped its development. There are always upgrades and new features are being added. This allows players to have an amazing game experience. Sponsored gifts in Pokemon Go are considered as one of the newest attractions for trainers. These gifts allow players to have a competitive advantage over other players in the game. Players who have been using Pokemon Go app know that PokeStops are one of the easiest ways to accrue research tasks and challenges. You will also notice that there is a banner with the word ‘Sponsored’ on some tasks. But what does it exactly mean? As of the moment, Tokyo Japan and the United States are the only locations in the world that host Sponsored tasks. Such tasks are limited in what they are requesting players to do.

Usually, some of the common tasks include catching a certain number of Pokemon and sending three gifts to friends. Consequently, these tasks are only available for pick up by brand affiliated PokeStops such as your local T-Mobile store location, Starbucks coffee shop and others. In addition, gifts can be sent from friends to the trainer profile on the game. So, what will be the rewards? Usually, after completing the requested tasks, players would get large amounts of stardust and rare candies. With this, players can easily who perform the tasks will have the chance to easily advance in the game and they will get competitive advantage over other players. There is no need to buy Pokemon go account. With the help of sponsored giufts in Pokemon Go, players can advance their levels in playing the game.

Nowadays, there are several businesses that are also getting in action. Pokemon Go received 6 million twitter mentioned in its first week and nowadays, it is co0ntionuously evolving to provide better gaming experience to all its players. Since a lot of businesses have also joined the bandwagon, let us take a look at some of these businesses and see what they can offer. First of them is PokemonGoAmerica.com. This domain was briefly up for auction on eBay. Another platform is Poketree.com.

Players can go buy and sell PokemonGo accounts. This kind of system has become really popular with high level accounts selling for relatively higher prices. T-mobile is another platform where PokemonFGo exchanges are evident. It is considered as one of the UK’s biggest mobile and broadband providers. They utilize Pokemon Go to boost traffic and generate leads for their business. They also provide their customers with free unlimited data for Pokemon Go. The company has also promoted a 50% discount on portable power packs. The industry of food and beverages has also joined the PokemonGo hype. They create a special range of pokemon donuts. With this, they were able to generate a queue of customers but they also reached 10000 likes and nearly 2000 comments on Instagram. 


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