Things To Consider When Submitting Your Music to Some Industry Professional

Are you someone who makes your music? If so, then you must also be looking forward to submitting your music to get that recognition and make people listen to your music. But there are also times when people commit a few mistakes while submitting their music that include a CD that’s not in a proper condition, a CD with incomplete information such as no name, address and what do you expect a musician to do after listening to your music and much more. Thus, here is presenting a few tips that one must consider when submitting their music.

The guidelines you’re expected to follow

Some of these guidelines a musician is expected to keep in his head at the time of submitting the music are as follows:

  • Knowing who you are submitting to and why exactly?

Unfortunately, several songwriters send out the shotgun blast of the music to anyone they can, expecting “someone” big will listen to their music to make the sender famous. But, unfortunately, this strategy does not work.

Are you submitting your music to some music supervisor of a film or television placement? Submitting your music to the label for the record deal? Or submitting it to the owner of the venue to get the gig? Or you may be submitting it to some critic to get a review? End of the day, you need to know who you are submitting.

  • Knowing your audience; share your address with them and let them know what exactly you want and expect

Just submitting out the bunch of your mp3’s or CDs with the generic message as it is easier for one to do that will not aid you much. One needs to communicate to a person you are sending the music to get the attention and give them the idea to know what you want. It’ll make it a lot easier to assist you with whatever you need. Just having the link to a piece of music is not good enough.

  • Having a professional display and presentation

Again, it sounds like a pretty obvious concept; however, it is often neglected. When you are sending the letter or email to someone in the endeavour that they will listen to the music, treat that similar to how you’d when you’re sending a resume to someone to get the job. Only because you are the musician does not mean it is okay for one to be ignorant and unprofessional. Sloppy and unprofessional presentations will not make one a cool musician who’ll likely listen to music made by you. 

  • Do not submit unsolicited and undesirable emails with your mp3 attachments

There is no quicker approach to clog up an individual’s inbox than with the large attachments that they were not asking in the very first place.

Yeah, if you end up finding the radio station or a music supervisor that has a webpage encouraging you to submit music mp3 attachments, in that case, by all means, you may proceed. But, you have to play smart. So, to know further, feel free to look over the same.


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