Thousands of Dollars of Free Promotion for Your Business

Every successful business person knows it is not enough to have a great product, service, or location. All of those are important, but they are destined to fail without sizzling hot promotion. You can set your sales on fire with thousands of dollars of free advertising on one of the hottest advertising mediums on earth-radio. Every business can cash in on this free promotional resource and watch their sales spike.

Each and every day, thousands of radio talk show hosts sit at the mic and speak to the world. Each one of those hosts are looking for fresh information and interesting guests to bring to their audiences day after day. That is not an easy task. They are actively looking for new and fascinating guests. Why not you?

Ready Yourself

The size of your business does not matter. What matters is that you know really useful and relevant information about the product(s) or service you provide. In order for you to be able to tap into thousands of dollars of free promotion, you really need to become an expert on your own business. Be able to talk about the real benefits of using your product or accessing your service. Be able to talk in detail about each of the benefits and how they apply to your target market.

Do not write a speech about your business. Study it until you can just chat about it as if you were talking to a friend over a cup of coffee. Now, commit your chat to writing. List all those benefits. List who they would benefit.

Aim At Your Target

Not all talk shows are suited for your business. Obviously, if you own a Bible store, you would not want to go on Howard Stern’s show. That show is not in your target market. Likewise, political talk shows would not be in your target market unless you sell a product or service related to politics. 

There are many general topic shows. They provide a variety of topics for their listeners. There are also many specific topic shows such as financial shows, home business shows, health shows, real estate shows, home repair shows, sports shows, and the list is endless.

Do a little internet research and find the shows that fit your target market. List the name of the show, the host, and the e-mail address. Do not overlook all those thousands of internet radio talk shows. There are more of them than there are terrestrial radio talk shows, and their audiences are all over the world.

Fire Off Offers To Appear

Write an e-mail to the listed shows stating your name and the name of your business. Explain that you have information that will be of interest to the host’s audience, and will benefit them greatly. Do not overstate your case, but also do not undersell it.

This is not spamming. When a public enterprise (like a talk show) places their e-mail address on their web site, they are inviting everyone to send them e-mail. Be sure your e-mail includes your name, telephone number, and e-mail address.

It is also important that you are aware of the conversion dollar euro and other factors that would affect the economy. Before putting up your business, make sure that you check whether the industry of your business has a good standing in the economy.

Re-Load Your Campaign

If you send out enough e-mails to talk shows, you will likely get a few rather rapid responses inviting you to be on talk shows. Schedule them on your calendar, and make certain you are at your telephone at the appointed dates and times.

Write a new proposal listing the talk shows you have been on. Highlight one of the benefits and explain how important it is for the audience to know about it. List the other benefits as well. When a couple of weeks have passed since your first e-mail, fire off another round of e-mails to the talk shows. Just keep repeating this process over and over, and you should find more and more shows inviting you to be their guest.

By following these simple steps, you will find yourself talking to hundreds of thousands of people about your business. Without spending a dime on advertising, you will be able tap into thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of free promotion. At the same time, you will be fulfilling a very high priority need for talk show hosts-an interesting guest.


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