Vaporizers For Smoking The Basics

Using vaporizers for smoking your chosen herbal blend is a great way to stay a little healthier. The difference is in the method of delivery- specifically the mist that a vaporizer produces.

You see, with vaporization there’s no combustion and combustion is what produces the particulate matter that’s harmful and carcinogenic. When you smoke something, the flame burns the plant material, which gives off harmful fumes.

When you use a vaporizer, the plant matter is heated to a point before combustion, allowing the natural moisture to be drawn out of the vegetation and delivering a much cleaner, smoother experience.

My Experience

My experience has been that you don’t have the nasty smell from smoke lingering- not that all herbal blends are going to be easily covered up.

I’m a fan of the Vapor Bros (I’ve had lots of different kinds of vaporizers) line and it’s pretty cool to take a draw from the glass and watch the mist start to form in the whip (the part you draw from) before you inhale it.

The taste is clean and much more authentic. If you sniff your herbs and like what you smell, you’re gonna get a much nicer taste out of a vaporizer.

Now, once upon a time I was a curious fellow and made a vaporizer out of a light bulb. Basically, you remove the metal portion and put the herbs inside. Then you heat the bulb until you see mist (not smoke).

I do NOT recommend trying this because some bulbs have a coating that can vaporize and is harmful- you’d be better off just inhaling smoke. Plus, it looks a little “ghetto” and I thought it looked like a crack pipe as well. you can act as a better observer by learning about the reviews and the ratings done by the customers online. these are not just the reviews but the personal experience of the users who have already made the purchase and used the product. By doing so you will know what and where to buy your vape from?

So, vaporizers for smoking are really vaporizers for vaporizing but it delivers an even better experience. I prefer the cleaner taste and much more long lasting and effective delivery.

How Vaporizers Work: Scientastic!

When you don’t burn the plant matter, you also don’t burn away any of the good stuff that’s in it. You simply liberate it from the matter and inhale the purity.

So, back to talking about making one yourself. Yeah, don’t do that. You’re better off getting a decent one (not the eBay specials that last a few weeks before conking out!) like the Volcano, Iolite or Vapor Bros.

You can get versions of these that will allow a whole party to partake, desktop models and even portable models. Vaporizers are gaining popularity- you’ll even see them used openly in public- there was a guy sitting next to me at the movies last week using a vape (of course, if you’re using anything the federalies might not like, your experience may not be as much fun).


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