Wells Fargo Bank Online Banking Tips

If you have a Well’s Fargo banking account following are a few tips as to why online banking with them is so beneficial, and how and where you can go to sign up for their online banking services.

There is definitely a long list of things that you can do with Wells Fargo online banking. You can monitor your account activity, check your online statements, set your account up to alert you via cell phone or email, pay bills, view account balances, and much more. In order to get started using the Wells Fargo Bank online service you will first need to sign up. In order to do so you will need to have a bank account with Wells Fargo Bank. Once you have an account with the bank you can visit their website at www.wellsfargo.com and fill out the enrollment form. You will have to create a unique username and password that you can use to login to your account. Remember to be creative when it comes to your username and password. In order to complete the online form you will also need your social security number, your ATM pin number and of course your account number. The details about this can be sought easily at https://plutuspocket.com/neobanks/revolut/

If you are a little worried about safety, than you should make sure that you have a secure internet connection which can be obtained by purchasing additional security software. The Wells Fargo Bank also has very good security features to help ensure that your information stays private.

One feature that they include with their online banking that other backs may not is that Quicken and Microsoft Money users can use the software while performing their online transactions. There is a fee for using this service of $3 a month. This will allow you to use the software to make transactions and access your account.

When it comes to your bill pay it I free as long as your bank account qualifies. Make sure that you take the time to read through the list of eligible and qualifying account information. If your account is not eligible than you can expect to pay a small fee, if you still want to use the bill pay option.

Another features than they offer with the online banking is online brokerage. You would be able to keep close track of your investments and even speak with a financial consult based on your needs. You can also view images of checks that have been cashed. This is definitely one feature that comes in handy if you happen to have a problem or dispute about a particular check. The Well’s Fargo Bank online service also offers you free online spending reports, and a saving’s plan. With their savings plan you will be able to save up money faster than you have before. All of these services you will need to sign up for after you have enrolled in the Well’s Fargo Bank online banking.

In order to use the Wells Fargo Bank Online service you will need to meet the following software and hardware requirements. To quickly see if your computer meets the requirement you can take the browser test. This test is both for MAC users and PC users. If your browser does not meet the system requirements just follow the instructions given to get the browser you need downloaded to your computer. You will also need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later. You should also make sure that any PDF document that is opened is deleted from your desktop if you are using a MAC, or from your cached files if you are using a PC. Online Banking with Wells Fargo Bank will definitely make keeping account of your money a lot easier. They are also always upgrading and adding new features for their online banking members.


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