What is optical band pass filters?

An optical filter is a device that helps in transmitting the light of different wavelengths. It is used on the plastic device or the glass plane as it cannot be used on any other device rather than these. Those filters come in different colors which are died in the colors with different properties and different frequencies. There are basically two types of optical band pass filters available as number one is the basic absorptive filter, and second is the dichroic filters. 

These filters consist of different properties, as many of them are designed to be transparent. You can use other filters for the light source, and actually, those can be translucent. The can long pass, short pass the light, or on the other hand, they can block both the short and the long pass with the help of wave length. The path can be of two types, which are narrow and wider, which makes the filtered complex to use on. 

The main aim of the filter is to be used while photography to give some special effect to the photo. On the other side if we talk about different used, then it can be used in the stage lights too, which help in transmitting of the light. There are many other different uses of the lens like it can be used in the microscope or spectroscope for more clear lights and the visibility. In the photography filters, we see that the colors are not so accurate once filters are being used.

 It means that the optical band used in the photography is not so accurate, which is why they use it for better photos. It also helps in providing various effects like the star effects, which is not the part of the scientific work as it is just for fun and entertainment.

What is the specification of the wavelength you should know about?

The specifications are the only thing which helps in differentiating the features and the properties. The specifications of wavelength are as follows-

  • Filters which are designed to operate comes with the wavelength of 4 to 380 nm and its main function is to operate with the ultraviolet spectrum filter which is a different kind of filter that can be used for different purpose as it can be scientific or not.  
  • Some filters are used to operate within the visible spectrum, and if we talk about its specification, then it is different from the others as you will get 280 to 750 nm. All the filters used in the bandpass consist of different specifications, and if you are thinking that they all are the same, then you are thinking it wrong.
  • At last, there is the one filter that is high in demand as is used for infrared filtering, which is operate on wavelengths from 750 to 2500 nm. There is one thing you should keep in mind that this the first filter, which consists of a maximum amount of nm.

These three are the bandpass you should know about with different wave lengths. The one important thing you should remember is most of the lenses or filters are designed for small range radiation. Among the small range of radiation, there can be the one that is designed for large scale radiation.  

What is the specification of Pass Band Specs?

The pass band consists of the different specifications, which is also based on three essential filters specifications. Those are center wavelength, full width at half maximum, and peak transmittance. Here are the following specifications for you-

  • At first, we will be going to talk about peak transmittance, which is also referred to as Tpk. It is the one with the maximum percentage of light within the passband. One of the values of the peak transmittance while discussing the filter’s pass band is also considered as half maximum. 
  • The next is full width at a half maximum, which is the part of the filter’s bandwidth. In this, you will see the range of wavelength is passing through the filters, but it only takes place when the value of the transmission is 50% of its specific minimum peak. It is the one which is used most in the scientific area.

  • At last, there is the center wavelength, which also represents the bandwidth. It means it only represents the midpoint of the bandwidth.


The bandpass filter comes in various shapes and designs with different features inside. Standard bandpass filters, square bandpass filters, colored glass absorptive filters, Agron UV filter, and much more are available. 

You can buy them online easily, but first, you need to make sure that you are aware of its usage. If you are not, then you might get to buy the wrong one for the use. They all come in different properties, so make sure to review them all.


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