Which Are The Top 5 Food Sources In Minecraft?

If you are a gaming freak, you need to have a lot of information about various games. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some sources of food in Minecraft. This game offers players different types of foods. Some of these are beneficial to players, while the rest might not be too good for some players. It is considered that food that is cooked well is healthy for players.

On the other hand, raw foods can cause some negative effects on the players. Players in Minecraft need food that will keep their hunger bar full. So, if you are looking out for options, we have listed some good food sources right below. Do have a look at them for more related details. Also, have a look at the minecraft free account for more details on the same. 

The five tops food sources in Minecraft

The following are top 5 food sources in Minecraft-


  • Well cooked mutton:

It has been considered that mutton is a beneficial food for players in the game. It is very effective in hunger restoration and saturation in the players. So, when you are searching for mutton in Minecraft, you will have to kill a sheep – this will give you two advantageous products, wool and mutton. 

  • Pork chops:

Well, it has been said that cooked pork chops tend to be one of the best foods for all the players in the game. How do we know that? The players get 12.8 saturation time, and up to 4 hunger bars are filled with pork chops. What does all of this mean? It simply implies that a player will not feel hungry easily after consuming pork chops. 

  • The golden encased food items:

So, as far as golden encased food items are concerned in this game, there are three types which include golden enchanted apples, golden carrots and golden apples. So, how do these food items help the player in the game? With the golden apple, the player is entitled to 4 points of restoration and 9.6 points of saturation. Golden carrots tend to be the best out of these offer 14.4 saturation points and 3 points of restoration to the game players. Finally, the enchanted golden apples offer players regeneration which is essential in battles. 

  • Beef:

Another food that is very healthy for player of Minecraft is cooked beef. It also offers great saturation and hunger bars. The best part about beef is that it comes from cows that are fed wheat. This is easily cultivated in the game. 

  • Salmon:

It might surprise you that cooked salmon can be the right food for many players in Minecraft. It would be best to remember that salmon needs to be cooked to benefit maximum benefits in the game. 


Now that you are aware of the beneficial foods for players in the game and their sources, you need to sign-up and try out Minecraft free account. You will get access to various features in the game and can practice with a free account for better gameplay in the future.  


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