With the Advance in Warm Weather It’s Time to Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner

The days are starting to get warmer, and the temperature outside is starting to rise. Now is the time to think about getting your central air conditioner in shape for the summer cooling season.

Right now is probably the best time to think about getting that central air conditioner ready for the summer cooling season. The service company’s are slower now so they can get to you in a more timely manner. Many are looking for work to keep there service techs workings so they are offering discounts on clean and checks.

I am going to give you some helpful hints of things to do to help check your central air conditioner without calling a service tech.

One of the first things to do is uncover the unit if you covered it in the fall. Take your garden hose and with NO nozzle on the end rinse all the dirt from the coils on the unit outside.

All the dirt and dust that has accumulated since the past few months needs to be cleaned up at the earliest before peak summer arrives and if need be, you can also call up heating repair San Diego services to do the job as sometimes the dirt is quite stubborn and requires an expert hand to remove it.

If you go to your furnace you will see a medal box or part of your duct work usually right above the furnace. Two copper tubes and a poly or pvc tube coming out. You will want to check this pvc to make sure it is not clogged. This hose or tube is for the condensation to drain from the condensation coil.

Now turn the unit on to see if the unit starts. Also check your duct work to see if the unit is blowing cold air.

If the unit starts and is blowing cold air your off to a pretty good start. Many units have problems on start up after sitting for the winter. Some of the causes of this are that pest such as mice get into the control panel and short things out or they may have chewed some wires that you need to operate the unit.

Now when I said to check for cold air I mean cold air not just a breeze from the fan in your furnace.

If your central air conditioner has a leak in it the unit will run but the air coming out wont be that cool or as cool as it should be. This means that the unit needs to be checked by a certified technician and probably needs to be charged.

Where I live in Wisconsin the weather has been very accommodating to have service done to your central air conditioner. The weather during the middle of the day has been a very comfortable mid 70’s to low 80’s. These temperatures are perfect for checking your air conditioning Freon levels.

One big mistake people make when it comes to there central air conditioner is they wait until they really need the unit to be working to turn it on and check it. If there is a problem with the unit you could be in for a long hot wait for a service tech.

With so many people waiting till the last minute to check there units there is a high demand for the techs time. Also supply the HVAC company only stock so many parts and of these parts each tech only has so many on there trucks. If you wait till the last minute the tech may have to charge you for added time just to run to a supply house to get more parts.

The biggest advantage to taking these steps now is that when the weather get unbearably hot your central air conditioner should be running fine.


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