Your Morning Drink – Coffee Vs. Energy Drinks Vs. 5-Hour Energy

I’m sure that lately you’ve seen commercials advertising that coffee and energy drinks do cause a crash later on in the day, resulting in you actually being more tired than you were before you took the energy source. Usually, coffee and energy drinks are the source of this attack.

However, we all need a morning drink to get going, right? Most people either don’t like to, can’t, or just don’t have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Sometimes drinking coffee or an energy drink is just the best way to get the energy you need to make it through at least the first part of the day.

I would say that most everyone can agree that they often feel tired mid-day or after lunch. This applies to nearly everyone, even those who don’t consume energy drinks, 5-hour energy drinks, and coffee products. When commercials like the makers of the “5-hour energy supplement” describe this effect, people often believe that it’s because they take energy drinks and what not in the morning. While this can often play a role in feeling tired later on in the day, energy drinks are never the sole cause of why we’re tired. Energy drinks do however, make us feel more alert and able to learn as well as work early in the morning, shortly after waking up. So what’s the trade off? A few extra calories and potentially slightly more tired in the later, less productive hours of your day? Millions of people are asking the question to the experts that where to get coffee during circuit breaker. The available answer should satisfy the requirement and specifications of the person. All the essential information will be provided to the person to learn about the subscriptions and the taste of the coffee. 

5-Hour energy drink claims to give you 5 hours of energy. What happens after this? Typically, one’s going to go to work and mid-day will strike about 5 hours after they wake up, on average. After that, you’re going to start feeling tired regardless of what energy drinks you’ve had in the morning. You may still even feel more tired from the burst of energy caused by the 5 hour energy drink.

So is it worth it to have your energy drink in the morning? Which is the best energy drink? I would definitely say that when it comes to coffee, 5-hour energy, as well as typical energy drinks such as Monster, Amp, Full Throttle, Red Bull, etc. energy drinks are the best way to go. I prefer to have the tasty energy drinks in the morning myself, as they’re easier to put down and are much more likely to keep you in a good mood. Also, you’re not going to perform well solely on caffeine or vitamins. You need calories, substance. Your brain functions on glucose, sugar. Without any sugar in your bloodstream, you’re not going to be able to think (or live, for that matter), but if you can manage to get some calories as well as sugar all in one drink in the morning, I wouldn’t worry about “burning them off” because you will throughout the day, and you’ll see much greater productivity and willingness to work earlier in the mornings after waking up.

However, I can’t guarantee that all of the statements about the health risks of energy drinks are false, I do believe that most of them are. I will continue drinking energy drinks, as they are a great way to get your day started. You can’t start your day off on pure vitamins, or on a cup of pure caffeine. What is really needed are the things you burn fast in the morning, carbs, and calories. Drink up!


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