5 Trends In Healthcare Marketing To Check Out This Year

The healthcare industry is increasingly stressing on the importance of strong marketing campaigns to reach out more numbers of patients out there. But, having a marketing campaign is not enough. You need to have an updated promotional campaign as per the latest market trends. And the market is always changing- just like the healthcare industry itself. For example, previously medical billing was done manually. Medical Billing is the process of submitting claims and reimbursements. But now, the whole process can be done online and sometimes coders even work from home. Likewise, your healthcare center too needs to design the marketing campaigns as per the latest trends in the market to strive in the competition.

The post below offers a brief on the top trends in healthcare marketing to check out this year.


Increased featuring of patient reviews online

As per recent studies, patients’ reviews online play a huge role in influencing a person on deciding on a healthcare provider today. In fact, studies have shown people count on these reviews almost as close as recommendation from friends. So, you must take proactive steps to highlight positive reviews received by your clinic almost everywhere you mention your brand. From a clinic’s website to its social media page, we are going to see a rise in the featuring of patient reviews online. Now, there would be negative reviews too. To avoid that, it’s wiser to initiate a strong reputation management policy that would keep these negative testimonials on check.

More focus on Google E-A-T algo

Google is undoubtedly the numero uno search engine when it comes to searching for healthcare providers or related information. No wonder, to attract potential patients to your clinic, you need to fix your position on top of search engine result pages. But, as per recent reports on Google algorithms, the search engine giant now puts more stress on “E-A-T” criteria while pulling a brand or link on top. The E-A-T stands for- Expertise, Authority as well as Trustworthiness.  Thus, this time, we are going to find healthcare providers emphasizing more on the E-A-T criteria to get on top of search results.

Programmatic buying would be dominant

Programmatic buying refers to the process of purchasing advertising which targets right audience with right message and that too at right time. The bottom-line is, programmatic buying makes your ad campaigns more focused, streamlined and eventually more effective. As a result, smart healthcare marketers today are increasingly focusing on programmatic buying for their ad campaigns.

Incorporation of voice-search themed contents

It has been documented time and again in recent times that voice search is going to dominate at least half of the online searches in the coming few months. And that goes for the target niche of healthcare industry as well- courtesy voice-search enabled devices like Alexa or Siri. So, it’s only natural that this year we will be seeing more emphasis on voice-search compatible promotional contents from the healthcare providers.

Marketing automation would gain prominence

Marketing automation software systems allow automation  of a good lot of tasks, ranging from sending of mails to posting on social media. The whole automation process is an excellent time and energy saver. It’s a busy world today and hence we will be witnessing an increasing focus on marketing automation programs in the healthcare marketing scene.


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