Body Building Workouts For Hardgainers

I have tried to gain weight/have a more muscular build for most of my life. I am the classic Ectomorph (skinny build) who could not add muscle no matter what I tried. When I graduated from high school I was 6′4”, 160 pounds. In high school, I tried various body building workouts with my friends for a few months. For some of my friends, the workouts produced great results, for me, nothing. See, the friends I had who got great results were already bigger than me to begin with, their body types more easily put on weight and strength when they stuck to a body building workout program. I was simply spinning my wheels, not seeing any results from the fitness workouts. I figured it was just the way things were going to be.

Throughout college, there was news and after I graduated I still went to the gym regularly. You know the drill probably, 2 days of upper body, 2 days of lower body each week with maybe a day of cardio or abs thrown in there. I guess I was benefiting my body by exercising regularly but I sure didn’t look any different!

My luck changed about a year ago when I talked to a guy at the gym I had seen around before who was carrying around a book as he worked out. I had seen other people carrying around articles and books on workouts for body building but I decided to ask him what it was since he was pretty big and maybe this routine was the reason. He let me take a look, it was called No-Nonsense Muscle Building by a guy named Vince Delmonte. He said he was in the middle of the “kickstart” portion of the program and was really seeing results. You can click here to check it out if you want.

I flipped through it and it seemed easy to follow but really I did not look that closely at it, I had my proof right in front of me. I remembered this guy from just a few months ago and he did look noticeably bigger. What was encouraging was he had a similar build to me, skinny and tall.

I made a mental note of the book and checked out Vince’s site to learn about the program, click here if you want to see some pretty amazing testimonials. . This guy Vince has testimonials from pro athletes and fitness professionals as well as normal guys like you and me. What got me to take the plunge ($77), was the program is designed for guys who have a real hard time bulking up, thats me!

I got the No-Nonsense Muscle Building program that night as you can download it right away. I devoured the materials (there is a ton) and decided to start out with the Jumpstart program which gets your body ready for the more hardcore 29 week program to follow. I am glad I did the Jumpstart as it does things like get your flexibility up and gets you to focus on some of your weak spots like my shoulders, which were weak due to too many bench presses and not enough shoulder presses.

Long story short, after the Jumpstart, I started the 29 week program Vince designed for “hardgainers” like myself, which is based upon blasting the muscle to exhaustion without too many sets, then proper rest and eating foods that stimulate growth hormones like testosterone. And, damn, I started to grow! Not what I was expecting, and really the program is not any harder than aother routines I have done, it’s just that it is designed for the body type I have, which is naturally lean.

As Vince said, if you stick to it, you will start to see results in the first few weeks, look at these pictures of guys that stuck to it, it will work.

The best part is it is not just an E Book and then see ya later, you can go to a forum and ask questions you have and talk with other guys who are going through it, and if the book gets updated, you will get the newest version emailed to you which is pretty cool.

So, I think No-Nonsense Muscle building is great, if you want to check it out, click here. I say give it a shot, if you do not like it, Vince has a money back guarantee, just send it back.

Most of these supplements will likely only have noticeable benefits in individuals with fertility issues or low testosterone levels. Some also appear to benefit competitive athletes or dieters, who often experience significant decreases in testosterone due to restrictive or stressful regimens.


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