Does the Back Pain Caused by Fractures?

Back pains may be caused by fractures. Fractures can be classified in many categories, such as pathological, simple or compound, complete or incomplete, spiral, transverse, greenstick, oblique, avulsion, compression, depressed or comminuted. If we are talking about hip fractures, then we should say that there are three main types: intracapsular, extracapsular and Intertrochanteric. Fractures may lead to serious back pain.

Fractures, which may result in depression, can be caused by the overexertion of the bones. But there are also some diseases which may cause the bones to break easily. Among these are osteoporosis, bone tumors, osteomyelitis, malnutrition, trauma impacts, immobility, aging, multiple myeloma and Cushing’s syndrome. When the bones break, the most affected component is the penosteum (the bone covering), an outlay which is very rich in neurons.

Signs that show a fracture include: toe numbness, weak feet and legs, reduced reflexes and muscle spasms and reflexes. If you experience such symptoms, then you should rest in bed in order to attenuate the pain. If there are any acute back conditions, a doctor should be called to evaluate the situation. When you have a broken back you should avoid rolling or logrolling.

A fracture can be stable or unstable. If what you have is an unstable fracture you should be careful not to damage your spine and tear your nerves. You should avoid atypical moves that can cause you any pain. When such a fracture occurs, a surgical operation is needed, followed by a period of time when the patient should wear a cast.

In case of a spontaneous fracture the pain can be minimized by using a brace. Also you are not allowed to apply any weight to the fractured area. A serious fall may result in the break of the coccyx. This may also include the bruising of the periosteum. Such a bruise is usually treated with steroid injections.

Fractures may also be blamed for the apparition of bursitis. This disease involves the disruption of one of the bursa. When this happens, an inflammation that will cause a lot of pain is very possible to occur. If you want to avoid bursitis you must not sit, stand or lay in the same position for a longer period of time. Also you must signal the fracture to the doctor. He will prescribe you some injections with lidocaine and steroids that will ease the pain and correct the bursitis. 5 ways to speed up back surgery recovery time will provide effective results to the patients. The injection should provide relief to the back pain of the person. 

Gynecological problems can also cause back pain. They are more common to women and are related to the reproductive organs. Pain, swelling and inflammation are the symptoms triggered by gynecological condition. If it is left untreated, this condition may affect the spinal cord.


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