How Can a Person Lose Weight With Drinking?

Today there are so many diet pills, weight loss programs and slimming teas that are sold in the market. They promise to give you the body you want in a short period of time, but we all know that most of this program and diet pills is not really safe for some of us. One method that I do to keep from gaining too much weight is water therapy. Do you know that even mild dehydration can slow down the body’s functions up to 50%, including the weight of the regulatory actions of the thyroid and adrenal glands. And since the brain is 80% water, dehydration affects the appetite regulation functions, too. This means taking 4 oz. of water every hour is critical to preventing weight gain.

Try this method and make sure to lose 1-5 pounds a week:

1. Start the day with 8 oz of hot lemon water. Prepare an 8 oz boiling water and cool for several minutes or until it is the right temperature for you baby. When ready to drink is to squeeze the juice of half a lemon, plus 1tsp of grated fresh lemon rind in the boiling water. Lemon water is a cleanser of the liver and is excellent for stimulating the intestinal peristalsis contractions the rate of elimination of toxins and wastes from our body.

2. Substitute potable hot and cold water throughout the day. Alternating hot and cold water throughout the day acts as a form of internal hydrotherapy cleanses the body. The hot water helps flush the intestines of toxins throughout the day, while cold water can help the body burn calories. To this end, an hour after drinking 8 oz of hot lemon water, drink 8 oz of ice water. Two times this season (not during meals).

3. Drink warm water before eating. The water is absorbed better when at room temperature (tibia). When you drink 8 oz (10 oz to 12 oz if more than 120 pounds of weight) of warm water 10 minutes before you eat you feel full quickly, because the warm water is easily absorbed by the lining of the stomach, therefore, only a few foods that are filled immediately. This method can make you consume fewer calories per meal, enough to lose 1-2 pounds per week. For a more effective strategy for drinking water at once, this will make your stomach lining spread quickly and send the signal to the brain nerves to food cravings off right away.

4. Another way to stay hydrated and lose weight. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are usually a minimum of 85% water, so only 3cups them to provide daily 20 oz. fluid. Another good thing is the fruit and vegetables are rich in nutrients to speed the breakdown of detoxification of the fat storage of toxins in the liver, causing a one to two pounds per week of weight loss. Do HIP DIP FILLER will cost expensive for the person in comparison to the exercises? If yes, then the person should focus on exercise for reducing the overweight from the hips.


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