How To Choose The Best Dog Sled Team

How to Choose the Best Dog Sled Team? A very most hot issue among the team of dog sled that how to choose the best dog for there race and which dog gives there best in during race. It is important to mention here that it is not easy task to select the best collection for your dog sled team. There is much kind of dogs in the world and if we separate that area of the world where snow fall is in copious amount and those places where no snow fall in winter so it goes bit easy to select among dogs. The dog found much suitable for the dog sledding, of those areas where snow is in copious amount, because of feature naturally found in them like they can survive in low temperature and need just 800 calories in the off season and they looks quite pretty and attractive they are more intelligent then any other breed of dogs.

The breed of dog who are categorized especially for dog sledding are 8-10 most popular and it is now quite easy to select the best dog among the dogs breed because they are now in the best of there ten categories like Canadian Eskimo dog, the Greenland dog, the Chinook, the Sakhalin Husky, the Tamaskan Husky, the Seppala Siberian, the Mackenzie River Husky, Siberian Husky, the Eurohound are more famous for this purpose due to there natural feature of long surviving in low temperature.

The first breed to come in mind when talking of playing outside is the Husky; I used to have a Husky mix and the colder the better. 18 inches of new snow was like a toy store to him. Husky’s love to run and if you like to run in winter so this is the best dog to share your passion, If some one have the experience of dog, he must came to know that Husky is the best and they also thrive on the companionship of other dogs.

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The Bearded Collie is also one of the favorite breed among other dog because of there happy nature. This breed born to withstand cold temperature in the hill of Scotland, The Labrador Retriever is also a great choice for having fun outside in winter. How ever the best choice for best dog sledding team are so many but still here some tips to select the best among them first you must know the speed does matter in the race and try to choose those breed who have much faster speed among dogs breed and them categories the dogs according to their diet and celeries consumption during race or in off season and choose maximum out put with minimum celeries and then long survivor breed in low temperature and in different atmosphere select the best dog among your categories dog list and exercise you will find that this team did best and have the capability to win the race. A hidden feature of the dog is that they learn from their companion and if different breed work together so they will learn from other breeds and became well organized team.


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