Know how you can use CBD cream for health benefit

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used in various ways, but if you’re searching for pain reduction or treatment for skin issues, a topical may be the best option.

A CBD topical is a CBD-infused lotion, lotion, or salve applied directly to the skin. While CBD research is still in its infancy, what little we know about CBD topicals is encouraging. 

The effectiveness of CBD, on the other hand, varies based on several circumstances, including:

  • Source
  • Dosage
  • Quality 

We chose these CBD lotions, creams, and salves based on the following criteria.

These goods were chosen based on factors that we believe are reliable indicators of safety, quality, and transparency. This article’s products are as follows:

  • is produced by a company that can prove third-party testing by an ISO 17025-certified lab
  • THC content is less than 0.3 percent
  • According to the COA, the product passes pesticide, heavy metal, and mold tests.

What is CBD skin cream, and how does it work?

CBD is frequently added to oils, such as hemp seed oil and used as a component in skin creams and lotions. According to Research Trusted Source, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects and may help ease the symptoms of several skin diseases.

Broad-spectrum CBD, which contains no or just negligible quantities of THC, is most commonly used in CBD skin lotions.

Who might be helped by CBD skin cream?

CBD skin treatments have been shown to help with a variety of ailments, according to research.

Acne, psoriasis, and eczema are all skin conditions.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects may help with acne, psoriasis, and eczema therapy.

Top CBD Topical Brands for Pain

  1. Verma Farms: Best Quality

Verma Farms is the first on our list, and they’ve been at the top of the CBD world for a long time. Their CBD topicals are among the best of the bunch, with a reputation for providing natural, organic CBD goods.


  • Broad-Spectrum CBD is a good compromise between quality and purity.
  • Pesticides were not employed during the growing process.


  • Only unopened items are eligible for return.
  • There isn’t anything for dry or cracked skin.
  1. Penguin: Best Value

Penguin is the next brand on our list, sneaking into the CBD sector as a brand with outstanding value and consistency. Although their CBD cream presently only has one topical, it is a better alternative on the market. It’s a top contender for the greatest overall bang for your buck, with a smooth but creamy texture. 


  • CBD that is 100% organic.
  • Opened packages are included in the return policy.
  • CBD cream can be used in a variety of ways.


  • When compared to other brands, a subscription-only saves 20%.
  1. Leaf Remedies: Best Newcomer

The CBD topical Leaf Remedys, Full Spectrum cooling gel, is at the top of the list because the company has a reputation for producing high-quality items at a reasonable price. The cooling gel from Leaf Remedys comes in a 4oz bottle with 1000mg CBD strength.


  • In comparison to other possibilities, the pricing is low.
  • The Fast-Absorbing composition aids in delivering benefits in a shorter amount of time.
  • a wonderful minty fragrance


  • There is only one 1000mg strength option available.
  • There is only one scent option for the cream.
  1. Medterra: Most Variety

Medterra comes from all-natural, local farms and is made from hemp farmed in Kentucky. With a mission to care for people, it’s evident that Medterra is doing everything they can to keep their word: not only with the ingredients they employ but also with the various goods they offer, all of which are reasonably priced.


  • Hemp that has been sourced organically.
  • All products are reasonably priced.
  • Efforts to improve lineups have been made with a holistic approach.


  • There is no subscription pricing available at this time.
  • Growers in Kentucky don’t have the same expertise as those in places where marijuana is legal.


Here you know all the product’s pros and cons about the CBD cream. To know more information regarding other products you can visit our website.


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