Laser Spine Surgeon Newport Beach: A Place For The Best Qualified Surgeon

Spine surgeries are painful and are done to make the patient free from back pain or spine pain. It is one of the toughest surgeries of the human body. With technological advancement, now the surgery does not require huge scissors and tools. Instead, the surgeries can be done with the help of lasers and automated machines. Doctors and software operate these machines for accuracy. This involves the patient having less pain, and the recovery is said to be faster. The reason behind introducing such techniques was to bring accuracy and decrease the loss of life during surgeries.

Benefits of laser surgery

It can be found that more athletic patients are found for the spine surgery as they get it damaged when they get involved in a serious clash with the opponent or due to severe downfall. It is believed that the laser spine surgeon Newport Beach residents prefer are the best as they have all the qualifications and experience to cure the patient and relieve him of the back pain. It is common for doctors to prescribe spine surgery to get rid of pain fast because stretching and physiotherapy are time-consuming, and taking place would take a lot of time. There are many benefits of having a spine surgery using the lasers rather than original tools such as scissors, knife, etc. The benefits of laser surgery are as follows: 

  • It is said that having a laser spine surgery does not involve loss of blood and is, therefore, less risky. The patient does not have a deficiency in blood and does not require an extra blood bag.
  • When the surgery is done using the laser, that means there will be fewer body cuts, and less stitching would be done. This makes for a faster recovery of the patient, and soon he can begin his regular activities. In addition, it is easy for the doctor to keep assessing the patient as there are no extra cuts and no extra work is done to make the surgery successful.
  • The patient does not feel much pain after the surgery as there are no scissors used, nor the body is cut to install the machinery. Therefore, there are few minor cuts on the back just for the laser machine to perform its comparatively less painful or not painful activities at all. This makes the patient more comfortable in having the surgery.
  • Since a machine performs the surgery, the chances of nerve damage are minimal, and thus there are no complications during the surgery and post-surgery.
  • The doctor or surgeon selected for the surgery should be highly qualified to make such surgeries happen.

When a person goes through tremendous pain in his back, it is suggested to take the faster route and get the surgery done instead of waiting for the physiotherapy to get over. There are chances that even after completing the entire therapy, the patient might still experience pain and stress in the spine. It is better suggested to have surgery to get the issue resolved.


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