Masticating Juicer- High Characteristics

Some readers would be surprised by the title of the article but is going to be immensely helpful for them to go through the points and understand everything as to what a masticating juicer is all about.

For starters, a juicer is a machine that extracts the juice of fruits and vegetables so that it can be made into a healthy drink for people to consume especially the fitness freaks that are sweating it out in the gym to get a muscled frame.

However, juice is also very good for health where you can stay in good shape without having the need to hit the gym because old folks can manage it out by simply going for a walk from time to time and then consuming juice on a regular basis.

Brief Summary

Masticating basically means chewing so it can be said that the juicer squeezes all the juice out of the fruits to make it an authentic drink in a similar manner to how all living beings bite and chew their food by grinding it into paste so that they can swallow it for digestion.

It has been found that the more juice you get from the fruit, the tastier and healthier it becomes, which is why masticating juicers are the first choice for most people as they slowly exude the juice so that it can be consumed by health enthusiasts for better results.

If a juicer extracts more than 95% of the juice present in fruits, then it goes without saying that it is the perfect model that everyone should own, which is why many people do have a masticating juicer at home due to it being so readily available and beneficial for health.

It is also termed as a juice extractor by many people as they find the word ‘masticating’ a little hard to pronounce and the fact that it is eerily similar to a naughty practice employed by men, they prefer to term it as an extractor of juice.

It is an every morning practice for youngsters to get up early in the morning and use their juicer to prepare for the gym but if you’re looking for a topnotch model then Philips Avance Micro is the perfect one to try out.

Techie Points

Philips juicer has a strong micro masticating technology that many people are ignorant about where you can take out juice from the softest fruit to the hardest vegetable where it pours out the juice directly into your glass with a drip stop spout.

Another interesting thing about it is that it has a pre-clean mechanism that that squeezes out each and every drop of juice right up to the last pulp so as to give it a tangy, sweet and sour flavor that is quite a unique combo.

So if you’re looking out for the best masticating juicer in town, look no further than the Philips model as it is highly polished with a relatively cheaper price but those that find it expensive should not ignore it as quality cannot be compromised in such matters.


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