My Mission to Fight Fat

Mission impossible? Let’s call it mission possible with some hard work and dedication to lifestyle changes. Starting out with 40 pounds to lose, it was easy to be discouraged before even getting started but there came a day when I could take it no longer.

My goal that fine day in August was to finally shed the weight by Christmas. I knew time was my enemy in fitting in a workout. So, I elected to not join a gym. This saved me 60 minutes in drive and prep time.

In order to ensure a workout was part of my everyday routine, it had to be done first thing in the morning. My day began at 5 a.m. on weekdays, 7a.m. on the weekend. I could then devote 60 minutes to a mixture of cardio and weights.

Though I would become lazy in getting up that early during alternate days, I was determined to achieve this feat in the shortest possible time, for which I thank fitnessabout, an excellent website that serves as my source of inspiration. Now let’s take a look at some points:

The Assessment

I met with an exercise physiologist at my workplace. As I was just starting out, she suggested walking 30 minutes per day, then work up to more advanced cardio after 30 days. She also suggested I work with light weights to help further burn the fat. She showed me proper form with bicep curls, triceps curls and squats.

At the Starting Line

Armed with this knowledge, I began. In my first month I walked every day for 30 minutes. I was only able to walk just a little over one mile in the beginning. But as time progressed I eventually built my cardiovascular system and was able to go faster and farther each day.

I added weights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I started with 3 pound weights for the three moves learned. I started with three sets of eight repetitions. Within four weeks I had increased to three sets of ten repetitions at 5 pounds.

Increasing Limits

By the end of the first month I was walking two miles in 30 minutes and was down 12 pounds. Greatly encouraged, I added a thirty minute DVD to my routine. This DVD workout incorporated cardio and weights. I started the workout using 3 pound dumbbells and was up to 5 pounds by Christmas. I was still walking for thirty minutes, but I was walking at lunch instead of the morning. I kept to the Mon/Wed/Fri weights, but was up to 8 pounds on the three moves and had added a bench press with the same repetitions and sets at 45 pounds.

The Results

By Christmas I was still working out daily. Other than the week with the flu I had kept to my routine and healthy eating. I entered and won a weight-loss challenge at work over the holiday season. I was down 42 pounds, two pounds over my goal. I not only looked better but I also felt better. It was not mission impossible after all!


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