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A Guide to Disposable E-Cigarettes

As the disposable e-cigarette’s name would suggest, this is a type of e-cigarette that you would use until the battery has run out, and then dispose of it (or recycle it) once you are done. The battery cannot be removed and it cannot be replaced. Although there are models that use vaping liquids that can be replaced after use, you can find those vape liquid online here.

Long term, the disposable e-cigarette probably isn’t the best idea. First of all, they are fairly expensive so using them over a long period of time will mean you shelling out a lot of cash. You can buy a five-pack of disposables from the Eversmoke website for example, and they will set you back $14.99. This is the cheaper end of the scale too. AND they are reduced from $49.99, just to give you an idea of how expensive they once were.

Per disposable, Eversmoke weighs in at just under $3 each. They are meant to last for about a day’s worth of use (one carton of cigarettes) but they don’t normally last as long as promised. We’ve found that you’ll get about three or four hours out of them before you’ll need to throw them away.

Another thing we have noticed with disposable e-cigarettes is the fact that you can only get them in limited flavors usually. With Eversmoke you have the option of menthol or regular and that’s it. It seems that this is the case in most places that you look. You certainly won’t be getting the flavor options with these throw-aways.

As well as losing out on the flavor options, you will generally find that the one-use e-cigarettes only come in one or two strengths too, and this is usually the “regular” strength – 24mg or 2.4%. In the case of Eversmoke, it is actually only 1.8% or 18mg that is offered.

The Green Smoke disposable e-cigarettes are also only available in the 1.8% or 18mg options, and once again, you have Menthol Ice or Absolute Tobacco. These ones are a tad more expensive, coming in at $59.97 for six of the disposables. This makes them just under $10 each and when you compare this to Eversmoke, you can see how ridiculously overpriced some of them are.

SmokeTip is another ecig brand that offers these one user’s and again, these are pretty highly-priced at $9.99 each. With SmokeTip, however, you get three flavor options – Menthol, Cowboy Tobacco, or Regular Tobacco. You also have two strength options – 6mg and 16mg. Not very high, it must be noted, but at least they offer some variety, right? Who’d have thought the badly rated SmokeTip could have rated highly in something!

Disposable cigarettes won’t be something that works for everyone. They are expensive when you are considering using them long term, but for a short term fix, such as when you have run out of cartridges or e-liquid, or when a battery breaks unexpectedly, you at least know that the disposables are there if you need something to have your back. You will probably also have spotted them in local stores to you – they seem to be popping up all over the place these days, don’t they?

We always find that it’s handy to buy these when they are on special offer (such as right now on the Eversmoke website) and keep them somewhere safe just in case. You never know when an emergency might pop up such as a delayed shipment of new e-liquid or whatever.

Want To Save Money While Hiring Electrical Contractor? Here Are Tips And Secrets For You

If you are the one who wants to hire an electrical contractor for your home then you must know that it might cost tons of money. If you want to save plenty of money then you should click on this site. In this you come to know about the essential tips that will be very helpful for you.

First of all you need to know some of the basics like you should use online services in order to hire them because over there you can easily compare the contractors and choose the one which suits your pocket as well as needs. Also you can take the help of other people who have recently hired the contractors for their homes. 

They can let you know the best contractors out there in the market. You should consider various factors like saving money on travel, getting your own material and wires, and much more. These are some of the things those will be going to help you in saving lots of cost without any issues at all.

So if you are interested then you should not skip any point that will be going to be discussed. As they all will be going to be very helpful for you.

Essential tips and hidden secrets for you

There are many tips actually but only essential one would be required in order to find the best electrical contractor that can do perfect fitting of wires and also let you save lots of money. Following are the tips for you-

  • Travel time-

Most of the contractors charges money for travelling long distancing so number one thing you should consider is hiring the contractors those are nearby you. It will be going to help you in getting your work done faster as there is no need to wait longer for them to arrive.

  • Buy electrical parts-

You should buy electrical parts on your own as that will be going to help you in saving money too. Online services can be used or on the other hand you can contact the best dealer in the market that can provide you parts in discounted price. 

In this way you can easily provide the material to the electrical contractor and your work will be done in no time at all. Also at that moment the contractor won’t be able to charge you more money than what’s in the bill.

  • Time Based Or On Contract-

You should make a right decision by considering various things in mind that the work should be done timely based or on the other hand you can consider the contract job also. Each one of them has pros and cons that you need to compare.

In this way you can easily get to make a decision carefully without any issues at all.

These are some of the tips and secrets that will be going to help you in saving plenty of money while hiring an electrical contractor.

3 Fat Burning Exercises That Will Help Firm Up Your Body

If you weigh a few extra pounds, it can be a factor for many problems in your life. In order to remove these extra pounds, you’ll have to engage in a fat-burning exercise as well as change some dietary and lifestyle habits. Losing weight will definitely be an advantage to your health, and also your looks. This is why you should read it before buying any exercising machine. 

Fitting into your skinny jeans or being able to wear tighter fitting shirts or even skimpy and sexy bikinis is just an added plus of losing weight. When you lose weight you’ll be able to live longer to see your kids get married and for them to have kids. You’ll have more energy to pursue your dreams. You feel good that you’re taking care of yourself on a daily basis. You can inspire others to take care of themselves. You’ll avoid diseases and be able to live life full-on with tons of energy, excitement, and fulfillment.

But, looking hot in a tiny cheeky bikini doesn’t hurt either does it? Hopefully, the way you look will play second fiddle to how you feel and how healthy you become as a result of weighing less on that scale.

There are many fat loss programs and fat burning supplements available on the market. However, it’s not about which program is the best. Most people start a program and after a few days of not seeing any result, dump it saying it’s not working. Most success stories are all about committing to the program even when you reach plateaus. In fact, there are programs where they address problems of plateaus in their workout regimen.

More than seeing results the idea is to change your mental habits. It’s to change your essential nature. We want to stick with something long enough to not only enjoy it over time but actually change our behavioral patterns in life. Stick with something long enough and the results will come, guaranteed.

In this video, however, Craig Ballantyne is showing you his 3 best moves in order to lose that extra weight. The exercises are simple enough that you only need one piece of equipment, a dumbbell. Compared to other exercise equipment, dumbbells are a lot cheaper. In some cases, you may even try out kettle-bells.

Kettle-bells are Russian in origin and they work by swinging up and down and over your head. They’re amazing for functional whole-body resistance. They’re almost considered to be a compound exercise.

If you have dumbbells use them. If you don’t have any free weights around you might want to consider going to a flea market or even a neighborhood garage sale. You can get them for really cheap.

But remember when we were saying that we’re changing our habits right? Well, what do you do if you don’t have either dumbbells or kettle-bells? Most people would be inclined to put off this workout until they buy some. Then they’ll make every attempt to put off buying them because deep down they don’t want to do the workout.

Realizing this and realizing lying to themselves isn’t working, they start to feel guilty. It’s a vicious cycle. So how do you break it? Simply start right now using no weights or find some water jugs to life for these workout routines.


This exercise is one of the oldest exercises. It’s similar to the kettlebell swing as well. It is performed with either one or both hands holding the dumbbell. Swing the dumbbell in front of you and let it fall in between your legs as it goes down. Swing it up again using the power of your hips as you thrust forward. When done properly, the dumbbell swing works out your hamstrings, glutes, and hips.

Not only that but it improves balance and increases oxygenation, blood flow, heart rate, and lung capacity. As an anaerobic exercise, it’s one of the best you can do for your overall health and fitness.

Burpees are basically a combination of a squat, pushup, and vertical leap. To do this exercise, you start with a standing position. Dropdown into a squat position with hands on the ground. Kick your feet back while lowering yourself into a pushup position. Return your feet to the squatting position before. Leap up as high as possible from the squatting position with your arms overhead.

The key is jumping as high as you can off the ground like you’re trying to reach the stars. Burpees will make a little girl out of any man out there. They’re intense and a great cardiovascular full-body exercise. They’re right up there in terms of being the perfect exercise as the step-ups on a high bench or platform.

This is an overall body workout that works both your upper and lower body. With two dumbbells lifted at shoulder height, squat down and then up. After going up from the squatting position, raise the dumbbells over your head and back down to shoulder height.

This works your upper deltoids and your quadriceps along with your balance and timing. You’ll feel your lungs burning too after about 5 of these bad boys.

Just try maintaining these three simple exercises and you’ll see that results are not in the number of types of exercise you do. It’s in sticking to your program. That’s the formula for effective fat burning exercise.

In closing, I hope that you change your lifestyle and life habits to include healthier wholesome, organic foods (mostly raw), and a good exercise program. And I hope that the motivation for you to do this is deeper than superficial and narcissistic looks. I hope that you have a passion now for living long and healthy and being an inspiration to others along the way.

How To Keep Back Pain At Bay During This Isolation

The pandemic has made the whole world suffer in a lot of different ways. People who otherwise had an active lifestyle like going to the gym or walking around the park all have stopped and suddenly find themselves locked inside their homes, with long hours in front of the computer. Back pain is one problem that has been affecting the people who work from home due to their long hours in front of the computer. So in this article, let’s see if we can come up with some tips for easing back pain during isolation and keeping it at bay. People who have age-related back problems have to rely on Medical Home Improvement methods to keep their back pain under check.

Lockdown and its effect on people:

The lockdown has had some negative side effects on the personal front of an individual:

  • The normal routine of going to the gym or having a walk or jog before going to work has stopped
  • People are working for longer hours at home than at the office 
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull and sick boy 
  • Weight gain is another problem being faced during this lockdown 

To deal with this difficult situation, we need to bring about a routine that can change how this isolation is affecting us.

Tips for easing back pain

  • Don’t sit for long hours simultaneously, walk around for a bit, or stretch yourself. This can put down the pressure on your back
  • Sitting on the sofa for long hours should be avoided
  • Don’t stoop while sitting in front of your laptop, place it in a position where it is in direct contact with your eyes
  • Physical activity like gardening for half an hour, mild exercises that you can do at home, all this will make your back more strong
  • Keep a check on weight gain

Even if you are at home, bring about a routine to your day to day activities, and keep yourself active.

Age-related back pain

Age-related back pain needs to be dealt with quite differently; parents or grandparents need to have their morning walks because they are more prone to pain than the younger generation. Try to keep them active in their way like walking in the front yard can do a lot of good, and Medical Home Improvement methods can also be included whether you are young or old.

Sitting on a sofa is not advisable if you have back pain. Instead, you can choose a comfortable reclining chair or a chair that keeps your spine straight. Yoga with light movements and some mild water exercises can also do the trick. 

Research shows that heat and cold therapy can bring down the tension and relieve your back-related problems. Inadequate sleep can also trigger back pain because, in this lockdown, most people sleep late, and not getting proper sleep can elevate your back pain, so try getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable posture can keep you rejuvenated the whole day.

So during this lockdown, see that your back has the comfort and mobility it needs to keep itself from stress and tension. These tips for easing back pain during isolation, if followed properly, can provide a lot of relief to the back-related problems.

The bottom line is:

Don’t let this isolation or lockdown ruin your beautiful life. Make your life with your family more active and enjoyable. Turn this isolation period with your family a boon rather than a curse. This article deals with ways you can keep your back healthy and strong.                     

Social Media Reporting – Increasing Social Media ROI

Web based social network promoting and advertising and marketing has come to be the perfect and most effective new way for companies to develop a strong social media ROI. New social outlets have supplied a direct link among the target demographic plus the recent solution or services. It provides a source for enterprise owners to talk about long term corporation plans, send superior deals and receive instantaneous feedback by way of social media reporting on the least quantity of dough. There is also the extra bonus that most social advertising is fairly cost-effective or completely no expense.

There are plenty of new social outlets that may be utilized to create guests and target the marketing target demographic with the business. The social media internet website Facebook has build into incredibly worthwhile and has cashed in on their track record by generating endorsing adverts easily attainable fundamentally and at a decreased price tag. There exists even an resolution to immediately target specified shoppers as outlined by location, age and gender. This offers you a bigger probability that the personal seeing the ad will turn out to be a long term client, as a result increasing social media ROI. With the purchase of cheap facebook likes, the promotion of the business is done with excellent ways. The selection of the targeted audience is great to meet with the specifications. The location of the page needs to be the right one. The allotment of the money and time should be the right one to have potential and effective results. 

Twitter will be the newest kid on-line block, even although it transpires to be an unbelievably renowned strategy to increase a return on investment. Twitter results in a platform for instantaneous communication. Equivalent to an immediate message, these comments are made public and stay permanently on the web page feed. This internet site, not like Facebook does not charge for advertising and marketing, even though they do delete accounts that appear like they are phished or overly spamming. Enterprises can make an account to express what is currently going on in the program of the day or to even offer you you a client discount for following the news.

This can be an practical and truly effective option to target the demographic, as only consumers will normally stick to the business. It is also a great way for owners to get immediate feedback.

Yelp is critique net internet site especially created to establish the superior and reliability of a provider. Countless enterprises chose to make a Yelp web page for consumers to evaluation and to speak about commentary. There is undoubtedly an choice to advertise on Yelp, although the other possible selections have been confirmed to be alot a lot more worthwhile.

You will find normally the choices to go by affiliate marketers and networks to create adverts. These may also be utilised on social media, as nicely as on blogs which have to comprehensive with the organization enterprise. These are great for all those that are new to social media and on-line advertising as they are able to often be explained plainly and comfortably devoid of as well significantly up front capital

Do You Spend Too Much On Pet Supplies?

An average American pet owner spends more than a month on pet supplies and pet food alone. With the latest craze on pet fashion, and about ten or twenty new toys brought into the market every season, your bill on pet supplies is only bound to get bigger. How do you know when you’re already spending too much good money on useless things, click here now to see it yourself? You should try to ask yourself these questions.

Does your pet really enjoy the things you buy?

Ten years ago, a good bone would have been perfect for any pet dog. Now, pet shops take advantage of the latest fad in market-pet fashion. Owners with small lap dogs are bound to splurge on these overpriced items. Most people take the “toy” in toy poodles too seriously.

Before buying a sweater for your pet dog, make sure that it will actually enjoy your treat. Pet owners in tropical countries should be very careful about buying their pet dogs “clothing”. Pet supplies along these lines might do more harm than good to your little mutt. They’re already covered with fur, which makes their bodies very prone to overheating. Think twice before spending too much on a pet accessory. If you must buy that cute basketball jersey for your pet, ask your vet if it’s advisable.

 Most pet owners go through extremes of treating their dogs like infants or toy dolls. Your pet is a living creature, but it’s not bare and naked as an infant. Unless you just had your pet mutt’s fur shaved because of tick problems, there’s no reason for you to spend so much on extra garments.

Are you compromising good health for fashion trends?

Your pet dog should not be your best fashion accessory. It’s pretty cute to be seen in the same get-up as your favorite mutt on special occasions, but spending too much on toys and fashion accessories could seriously dent your wallet.

A good pet owner should know how to budget his/her pet expenses well. Make sure that you’re still spending more on your pet’s health care than you are on rubber treats and dolled up clothing. Your dog’s health should be your top priority among other things.

Is your pet food worth it?

Most pet foods work their way up the price ladder by building on popularity. Take time to check the nutritional facts box though. A cheaper product might be able to provide your pet dog with more nutrients. Some vets even recommend altering processed pet food with organic pet food you can cook in your own skillet. To be sure, ask your vet about these details before engaging your dog in a new diet. Not everything that’s good for a human is good for a dog, so try not to let your mutt chomp on your leftovers. Always ask your vet advice on how to care for your dog. It’s also helpful to check out online forums for the best deals on pet supplies in your area.

Uses, Benefits And Styles Of Dog Crates

A dog crate is metal steel wire or plastic enclosure that comes with a door. Even though some people may regard them as cages, they are not. In truth, they offer tons of benefits for both the dogs and their owners. Crates reflect ancient times before dogs were domesticated and when they roamed free in the wild and had to use dens for sleeping and to keep themselves safe from various predators. These dens were shallow holes that dogs would dig for themselves in reclusive locations. They were fairly small, with just enough room for the dog to turn and lie down to sleep. While years have passed since such practices were necessary and dogs now live happy lives in human homes, the instinct from those wild days still exists in their genetic makeup and the crate satisfies that need very well.

Discipline NOT Punishment

 Crating puppies and adult dogs is useful for discipline and socializing dogs and normally has nothing to do with punishment, nor is it intended for this purpose. It’s a great place to secure dogs while families are working and out of the house, and serves as the ideal opportunity to create passive control by helping to restrict over active animals from destroying property.

Keep in mind that while it is important to maintain discipline and moral values in them, it should not be done in a tyrannical way as though you want to punish them as that would put them off and something that aggressive breeds won’t take it lying down that easily while some that are weak willed would crumble under pressure so keep it easy and give them pets cbd pain anxiety as CBD oil is an excellent remedy for anxiety and depression in animals.

A crate is a fantastic training tool as well, when used properly. When crates are over used or used in the wrong way it creates fear and anxiety and it is never recommended to do that to a dog. Each and every dog, and especially new puppies can benefit from crates, as it provides them a safe place to rest and allows their owners to effectively train them in proper and acceptable behavior. More details on effective crate training below.

Negative crate discipline or something that is more reminiscent of punishment is when owners confine dogs for very long periods of time to their crates. Misuse of a crate is never okay, and giving your dog the message that he is a pain and needs to be put out of the way is not okay. Most people use crates effectively, and a dog can be crated for up to 8 hours while you’re at work, and especially when the dog is walked regularly before and after crating.

When making use of the crate for discipline purposes, limit the time the dog spends inside to no more than 15 minutes. You should never yell at the dog when he has to go inside the crate, just be firm. Never leave a dog inside the crate without water and do not yell at them if they should go to the bathroom inside the crate.

Types and Styles of Crates

 Crates come in plastic and metal material. The plastic ones are less durable and more prone to damage. While plastic can be cheaper it lacks the longevity of metal, and chewing and wear and tear can make you spend more in the long run. Also, the general quality of the plastic varies. The metal models are more sturdy and more popular with dog owners. As with plastic the quality varies from brand to brand so do the research.

What Size Of Crate Do You Need?

 There are several sizes available, small, medium, large and extra large. In deciding on the proper size verify that your dog will be able to stand up in it, turn around and lay down comfortably inside it. You should also plan on the eventual adult size of your dog when buying a crate for a puppy to save money in not having to buy another as he grows.

Prices For Crates

 The prices of crates is anywhere between 50 to 200 dollars. Shopping online can save money versus buying at retail stores.

  • Blanket –

A nice soft liner for the crate or a dog bed is essential

  • Water –

Attachments are available for crates for easy and clean water access for dogs

General Uses And Benefits Of Crates

  • Perfect place for them to feel safe, secure and get some privacy.
  • A place to keep them when you have gusts, or repairmen.
  • Travel and taking the dog to different places, like the vet.
  • To keep the dog calm and in control
  • A place for them to stay secure while you are away or sleeping, especially useful for dogs that like to chew on everything

More About Using Crates

Crates for Housebreaking

 Puppies possess the natural instinct to maintain their areas and keep them clean so they will not pee or poop near their food, toys or blankets. Using the crate for housebreaking is ideal because when you cannot watch them the crate helps to prevent accidents and teach control. Using the crate can eliminate accidents that can destroy your property and makes house training easier.

Crates and Destructive Dogs

 Crates can train canines to be much less destructive and are excellent behavior modification tools. When the dog is placed into the crate it calms them down and this protects your stuff and teaches them to stop destroying household items.

Puppies and Crates

 The same as playpens for kids, crates are great for puppies. Like little children, puppies have no self control and really need their owners to set limits and teach them right proper behavior. Puppies go through a lot when they are separated from their mothers, and puppies can quickly learn to appreciate that crate for its security and safety. Make use of the crate for the puppy to sleep in, and when you stick to a regular schedule of feedings and exercise, you will have control over their resting times and when putting the puppy inside the crate when they are tired makes them to learn to love it that much quicker.

New puppies should not be crated for more than 2 hours overnight. Spend lots of time playing, and giving the puppy attention, but when they are bad use the crate for discipline. The crate should have toys, water and a nice blanket to line it for comfort. Never give into barking, howling or crying when the puppy is being disciplined in the crate or out, or they will quickly learn that that is the how they get what they want.

Hip Hop’s Chef Bac Shows True Self on Ryan Bacon LP

Having created a bit of a buzz over the past year and has now come to be a legitimate hip-hop prospect as an unsigned music artist, Chef Bac has come back to reveal his most honest, if not manic, thoughts as his government alias in Ryan Bacon, that you can check out on gudang lagu. With absolutely no hype or promotion, Ryan Bacon was released in late January as a bit of a surprise to his fans.

While much of the anticipation was building based on his newly-formed group, the Brown Booty Bandits, the Chef decided to scrap plans due to the time constraints of recording with the other members and go for his own. Left to his own devices for the better part of two months, with issues stemming from matters of the broken heart to spiritual enlightenment, Chef has opened up to give a frank piece of his mind on Bacon.

(Interview on February 6, 2008)

Sandy Dover:

The Ryan Bacon album…there’s a lot going on there, a lot of raw emotions, raw beats, and a lot of eccentricities–what all went into creating this LP?

Chef Bac:

Umm, I would say hard work, and my devotion to makin’ good music, but one of the main things that tied the album together was one girl I was in love with.

  • SD: Yeah, that’s clearly evident–were your love issues the main ingredient for the album?
  • CB: Don’t know, I just think some of the tracks revolved around the love issues.
  • SD: Word up…some of the tracks on Ryan Bacon were originally intended to be mixtape cuts–what made you include them on the album?
  • CB: Well, I decided to just do the free album to create more of a buzz, and I felt the mixtape cuts were some of my best songs.
  • SD: I agree, it had more of a mixtape feel, almost like a “Side A” and Side B” of a cassette–was that merely coincidental, or was that a plan for the sound?
  • CB: Well, I think half of the songs might have had a different energy than the other half of the album where I was just rappin’.
  • SD: Speaking of energy, you sounded quite full of it on all the songs–did that energy carry over to how long it too you? Did it take a while to really compile the album?
  • CB: I’d say the album took about 2 years to make, and a lot of the newer tracks have a different swag on them than the older ones, because I wanted to write songs with concepts.
  • SD: Feel you–is part of that swag because you produced the entire album? The cats that are familiar with you know that you have a tight bond with producer Stewart.
  • CB: Well, I actually only produced five of the tracks; Stainless Steele produced “Merry Christmas LP”, “Leslie’s Letter”, and “Stainless Chef Pt. 2”; and Stewart produced “Black Emo” and “Burnin’ Up Ya Nosehairs”.
  • SD: Word? The sound seemed to be all you, even production-wise…this release was thought to be the collaboration album with you and fellow rappers H!ku and Demeter–is that album scrapped or is this just something you wanted to release before that?
  • CB: Well, I would say that’s put on hold for right now, although H!ku, who now goes by the name Floronic Man, has 10 tracks ready for an album, so his will probably be next (to be released).
  • SD: Is that produced by you as well?
  • CB: I believe he has a handful of my beats to choose from and probably some from StewRat as well.
  • SD: Word up…so how do you feel about yourself right now in music? Are you feeling more confident in what you’re saying because it seems like you let your hair down on the Ryan Bacon LP?
  • CB: I feel that I am just a humble MC, I’m always trying to write better songs and experiment with beats. A lot of the times when I make music, I’m never satisfied, because I feel like I always have room for improvement.
  • SD: And you’re satisfied with your new album? You’re MUCH bolder on this new release.
  • CB: I think it’s good progress, but I’m always tryin’ to sharpen my skills.
  • SD: Was there a formula or a specific process that you followed when you did this album? Was it truly “free” as you said it was when you were recording?

  • CB: I would say the main formula was to try and outdo myself on every track. It was a lot of fun (making it), and I hope the listeners enjoy the effort I put into it.
  • SD: What was the software/hardware that you used?
  • CB: I used Reason 3.0 and SoundForge.
  • SD: Word up…and what did this infamous Leslie think of the album? Did she have an opinion on the subject material?
  • CB: (laughing) Well, she’s a very cool girl, but I don’t think she wanted to listen to it after all the phone calls and with me tryin’ to pursue her in the game I spit–but if she reads this, I would love a response *wink wink*
  • SD: (laughing) No doubt, hopefully, she’s receptive! Any last words about the album or anything in general?

Ning or SocialGo? — My Takes

The social networking sites are getting more viral day by day. I can hardly find a person who hasn’t at least heard the names of FaceBook and TikTok, even when computer literacy is not so widely spread across the downtowns of India. In addition to that, getting Tiktok likes for cheap is really easier now.

But, we see another evolution here. Even though Facebook and Twitter are getting massive users these days, people are also moving towards owning their own social networking site which has the similar functionality of the web giants.

There is plenty of CMS software and web-services available who let you create your own social networking site right from scratch. Some require technical skills and others let you customize your site with limited knowledge of CSS and HTML.

In this post, I tell you about the two best web-services that I have experienced before for creating community-websites.


Ning is an online platform that I found to be the easiest and the most flexible way to create a network, especially when I am a newbie. It is like follow your nose, validate your email address and in a few minutes, you have your own fully functional social network.

The feature that I liked the most about Ning is that they provide a drag-and-drop interface for choosing modules that are to be shown on the homepage of the network. I didn’t have to hassle-up with the CSS for that. A free account gives you 10 GB of webspace and 10 GB of bandwidth which can be upgraded later.

As well as being able to invite friends from web-address-books, people can invite them from the contacts of CSV file – a very good feature.

For advanced users, there’s a fully customizable CSS area. If you are familiar with CSS scripting, go ahead, design your network just of your style. If you’re not the sort who gets fun playing with CSS, you have 50 pre-loaded themes to choose from.

But, there is one major drawback. Ning doesn’t support an advanced rich text editor. The one they provide for text-fields looks very much like the 90s. And, the members need to know HTML to customize posts. Simple things like text-alignment, table-formatting, quotes are not present. People have been posting on the GetSatisfaction page for long for upgrading the editor. But, no future-release has been enlisted on the official blog yet. If you don’t know HTML and don’ have time to learn it, use any online application that supports a rich-text editor. Compose your post there, switch to the HTML view, get back to Ning and paste that code and you’re done.

A simple solution but Ning definitely should have provided it.

Here’s a quick look at their features –

Visit Ning at


Next on my list comes Social Go. They have come round all the problems that people were having with Ning. And today, they are heading fast to make Ning outdated.

The very first thing that I noticed is their cool text-editor. Yeah, that’s what I have been talking about – a fully functional text-editor!

In most of the cases, they outdo Ning.

Here’s a list of their existing features.

You can see that there are just two things that Ning offers better. Space – 1GB is not even close to being enough when it comes to running a community site even with $24.99/month.

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So you see, there are offerings and short-comings. But, both of them are good in their business. Now it’s up to you which you think is a better fruit to bite

Easy Steps to Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Works Perfect All Time

Take a look at your air conditioner before the hot weather strikes. Just a few maintenance details may be all it needs to get it into shape for dependable performance all season. Two Routine chores, often overlooked, are quickly gotten out of the way. One is washing or replacing the filter, depending on the type. The other is cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. To get the mechanism, remove the front cover panel. Every make of air conditioner has a panel that is held with clips and can be lifted off, though some have catches or retainer screws that must be loosened first. With the front cover off, clean the deflecting louvers with a dry cloth or brush. To reach the condenser coils and fins, pull the machine forward from the housing in which it rests on small wheels or runners.

If the conditioner is installed in the windows so that most of the housing extends on the outside, and the metal case is securely fastens, it is all right to pull the machine forward as it will remain balanced. However, if the machine is only partly mounted into the room takes the precaution of placing a wooden box or other support under the case before drawing out the chassis, which is quite heavy. Use a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to remove accumulated lint and dust, making sure the ventilator fins are clear for air passage. If necessary, reverse the vacuum hose to blow dust out of the fins. Wipe the coils and meter housing with a clean damp cloth. Check the fan meter to see if it has any lubricating cups and if so, add oil. The filter is located directly behind the front louvers, extending all the way across so it can be lifted out from the top. The woven plastic or metal type is renewed by flushing under faucet. Wash in detergent if the filter greasy. The fiberglass type should be replaced with a new one at the start of each season, and again each month to insure maximum cooling benefits. Check the wiring to see that the terminals are tight and the cord insulation undamaged. Then slide the mechanism back and replace the cover.

Sometimes the wire loosens up due to which the air conditioner stops working because insulation is most often overlooked and you have little choice but to all over the repairs. If you want to avoid it, then do give blaux portable ac reviews a read online and purchase it sooner than later.

Now think back to last summer to recall any breakdowns or annoyances with that particular unit. Did the fuses blow every so often? Was there a tinny rattle or excessive vibration? Some of these conditions can be corrected or at least alleviated. Best cure for an overloaded circuit is to bring in a separate line for the air conditioner. This is not necessarily an extensive job, as a separate circuit line can be carried directly to the room concealed inside the walls, or through a conduit attached outside along the house wall. But if your house has inadequate wiring, installation of a larger electrical service may be required, and is worthwhile for efficient use of modern appliances. Noise problem may be inherent in the operation of the machine, but sometimes they result from a loose hinge or missing gasket on the exhaust door. The source can be tracked down by operating the machine with the cover off. Vibration in the walls results when an installation is not adequately braced. if the matter is sufficiently bothersome, fit a brace under the machine and insulate with rubber or felt padding. In any event, the opening should be tightly caulked both inside and on the outside. Conditioners installed in double-hung windows should be thoroughly checked to make sure that the supports are adequate and that the sash is tight so that it doesn’t rattle when the machine is running.

A frequent cause of service calls is a worn electric receptacle which results in the uncertain contact with the plug prongs. Replace the receptacle with a new one, or get the locking type of plug that twists into the receptacle and can’t be dislodged by vibration.

For a conclusion, you can follow this step below for guiding air conditioners maintenance:

  1. Lift out filter located behind the condenser coils. Woven plastics type is cleaned under faucet. Other types should be replaced with new ones.
  1. Clean the air defectors and casing with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Check the wire insulation and connections.
  1. With machine cover off, clean compressor coils, housing, etc, thoroughly with vacuum hose and damp cloth.
  1. Where necessary, reverse vacuum hose to blow out lint from evaporator fins, and inside the case. Wipe fan meter with cloth, apply a few drops of oil to bearings.
  1. Check electric cord and wall receptacle, which are common causes of conditioner failure.
  1. Check outside supports of large machines that extend out quite far from the window. If they are loose or rusted, replace them.