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Tips for Effective Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the essential skills that every writer needs to develop. Skill at writing is important but proofreading skills are equally important. Proofreading is simply the ability to reread written work and be able to edit it before the article is published. Many articles are refused because the writer did not proofread the article before submitting it.

Proofreading does not need to be a long or difficult process. Proofreading takes a little time, some basic skills, and some common sense. There are some simple ways to proofread to assist in the writing and publishing process.

These simple steps can assist in the proofreading process

  • Read the article aloud
  • Read the article for grammar mistakes
  • Be sure the point of the article is clear
  • Double-check the facts

Before the proofreading process begins take a few moments to print out the article. The hard copy of the article makes it easier to read and gives the ability to mark mistakes. Making corrections is a breeze on the printed copy and streamlines the editing process. A hard copy of the article offers a different perspective on the article.

1.) Read the article aloud

Reading the article aloud accomplishes several important things. First, reading aloud gives the writer a perspective of the reader. Gaining the reader perspective can measure the readability of the article and assist to ensure clarity. Reading the article aloud can also assist in finding mistakes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

2.) Examine for grammar mistakes

Grammar and spell check are incredible tools for electronic writing but they are far from perfect. It is impossible for grammar check to find every mistake within a document. This means that there are errors that grammar or spell check will routinely miss. It pays to self-check writing before making submissions. The simple mistakes can cause major problems when seeking publishing.

Avoiding common grammar mistakes takes careful attention to detail. Here are some of the routine mistakes made in writing.

  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Sentence Structure
  • Vocabulary

3.) Be sure the point of the article is clear

The goal of writing is to communicate with the reader. It is impossible to communicate if the reader cannot comprehend the article. One of the most important jobs of the writer is to communicate the facts in a creative manner that is clear and understandable. An article written creatively and correctly but not clearly will miss the goal of communication.

4.) Double check the facts

Detective Friday from the old television series Dragnet always asked for “just the facts.” Writers must have a desire to get the facts of the article correct. Factual errors can be devastating to an article. Be sure to have all factual matters correct and document them if needed.

Proofreading pays huge dividends for the writer and developing proofreading skills is easier than one might think. Using simple steps not only improves proofreading but also overall writing quality. The classes should improve the overall performance of the students. Along with the spelling, the vocabulary should be excellent to pronounce the words. The writing should be improved to write an English or Hindi letter to the senior ones. With the achievements, the student can clear the concept and become extraordinary and for information read the review here at the website. 

Wireless Networking Without a Router

If you’ve looked at network components lately, you might have noticed that while wireless network adapters are cheap, wireless routers aren’t. Thankfully, wireless networking technology can connect up to dozens of computers together in an ad-hoc network, without the hassle of cabling or the cost of a router. As you just have to read the Linksys ea6350 manual and learn all the basics of connecting these routers. 

This type of network functions just like a wired “mesh,” where every computer is directly connected to every other computer. In an ad hoc network, computers connect wirelessly and automatically, providing the benefits of file, printer, and Internet sharing without a router.

Once you’ve installed your network cards, go to your Network Connections (found in the Control Panel) and open your wireless connection’s properties. Select the Wireless Networks tab and, if no wireless networks exist, click Add and name your new connection. When checking wireless networks on other computers, the connection you’ve created should show up with a card icon next to it. If it’s not at the top of the Preferred Networks list, move the connection up the list.

With Windows XP, folders and printers can be shared easily through your ad hoc network, but a major reason users network their computers is to share an Internet connection. With a computer already connected to the Internet, this is easy as well.

Make sure the computer with an Internet connection is on the ad hoc network, go to the wired Internet connection’s Advanced tab, and check “Allow other computers to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.” Restart the other computers and they should all have Internet access.

Enabling the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) is a good idea for ease and simplicity. Non-Microsoft firewalls might not like other computers using your Internet connection, and additional configuration might be needed.

Data encryption (under the wireless network’s properties) should also be enabled to improve security on your network. The network key settings are proprietary; check the network card’s documentation for information on the settings. It’s important to know that with data encryption enabled, actual connection speeds will be cut in half.

One of the biggest problems with wireless networking is signal attenuation or the loss of signal from interference; too many walls between computers may result in poor or nonexistent connections. The obvious solution is to move the computers closer together, but if that’s infeasible or undesirable, the user may want to consider getting a Cantenna, a simple piece of equipment that greatly enhances a wireless signal.

Ad hoc networking also uses more overhead to make its connections than those made by a router. For small networks, this isn’t a problem, but very large ones may experience a considerable slowdown.

And if sharing an Internet connection, the online computer must be turned on for others to access the ‘Net.

Despite its flaws, ad hoc networking gives the budget-conscious user an easy alternative to getting a wireless router. For many homes, this can be an ideal way to avoid the cost of a wireless router and the clutter of a wired network.

The Lord of the Rings- What to Take Home

The job market is at its worst phase today and that is primarily because of cut throat competition and blatant nepotism where the elite class is hell bent on handing over their business and property to their spoilt brats.

Another factor that needs to be looked into here is that nearly 43% of the population of most countries is illiterate, especially in rural areas that don’t even know how to write their own name.

Therefore, parents have made it a point to make their children the studious type by making them read comic books and stories from their favorite novels in order to foster their reading and writing skills.

The credit goes for novelists like JK Rowling whose Harry Potter books have attained cult status and is the main reason why young children took reading like a house on fire, astonishing even their parents.

New Take

Today we are going to talk about another interesting book series that has been made into a successful movie franchise that has attained global fame in the form of The Lord of the Rings.

Everyone knows about the films and talking about it is like showing candle to the sun but very few people, especially today’s generation, know that there was also a book series for it.

It was written by J.R.R Tolkien and is in fact a sequel to his own earlier novel The Hobbit, which came out in 1937, but this is one of the rare occasions in art where the sequel totally overshadowed the original.

The main antagonist is the most popular character around whom the story revolves, which is quite natural that you need to have a strong and terrifying villain to increase the stature of the protagonist and this piece of work was no different.

Dark Lord Sauron is his name and like any good ‘bad guy’ he dreams of world dominion where the entire world is under his fingertips and dances to his tunes, which is why he is also considered a modern day manifestation of Satan.

This whole new take of the story being told from the villain’s perspective is what makes this novel a must read and one that should be on the bookshelf of every house which is why it was such a blockbuster film.

Pros and Cons 

Every story has its share of pros and cons and this one is no different so let us list out some of them.


  1. A trilogy to die for, it is compelling and full of suspense right up to the climax with many twists and turns
  2. Many people still as questions like ‘Was Gandalf actually tall?’ and compare his knowledge and wizardry to Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and nothing needs to be said more
  3. The fantasy genre has created a fan following that is unprecedented because it does not hesitate to show gore unlike Hobbits, which is more light hearted


  1. The details are ridiculous with some deviations from the main story
  2. Compared to The Hobbit, the back story of the protagonist is quite confusing that does not fully does justice to his capabilities

Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

If you’re a smoker, by now you have been bombarded with radio, television and billboard ads and public service announcements touting the fact that to quit smoking may be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. They list innumerable reasons: cancer, disease, illness, second hand smoke and pets and children, and quality of life being a few. The reasons are there… but the impetus may be easily overlooked when there is an addiction at stake.

We’re all addicted to something or another. Chocolate, bad movies, macaroni and cheese – it is human nature to become addicted to small, innocuous things. What makes being addicted to nicotine worse than these, however, is that the substance is addictive in and of itself… it’s also cancerous.

Bottom line? It’s not easy to quit. But it’s also not impossible. It has been estimated that a total 50% of smokers will quit for a sustainable amount of time in their lives. That’s one in two… that one could be you!

There are many strategies for quitting… the top two are quitting based on a snap decision, and those who quit based on extensive planning.

If you suddenly decide to quit for any reason, perhaps you should follow through immediately – that’s the premise of the snap decision quitting. These “quit attempts” are actually more successful than those who have a degree of planning about them. It works because of motivation. Most smokers know that quitting is a good idea… they are inundated with information and ads asking them too. Perhaps a spouse or loved one has spoken to them about it. Slowly, more weight is added to the scale, until it tips, and the smoker reaches a breaking point. This breaking point isn’t a bad thing – it’s the knowledge that they want to quit, and they want to quit right now. This can add a lot of power to the prospect of quitting and make it more manageable.

The second form of quitting is based on planning and research… This is definitely not to be discounted! Those who quit at a moment’s notice might need even more support and medication than those who talk through it with their family members and medical professionals first… but it doesn’t have the built up willpower that the snap decision quitting entails.

If you’re going to plan your quitting, start getting organized and pick a date. This should be a date that is somewhat important to you (I.e., your birthday or an anniversary), but not a date surrounded by hectic holidays (quitting around the holiday season, for example, is the hardest time to quit because of the aggravation and stress associated with it). Get rid of ashtrays and lighters that may be lying around your house, and speak with your doctor before the quit date. Also, get support! It may seem like such a little thing, but when you’re craving a cigarette, talking about it to someone who cares really works wonders.

If you are a chainsmoker, it is not advisable to stop suddenly as you might get some health risk in doing so. You can also turn to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. This way, you can quick smoking slowly but surely. You can visit

Whichever method of quitting you choose, it’s a major life decision! Be strong in your conviction and know that you’ll do well.

Here are a few interesting old home remedies to help reduce nicotine cravings!

– It is said that if you lick a bit of salt with the tip of your tongue each time you crave a cigarette, you’ll stop craving them within a month!

– The herb lobelia reduces nicotine cravings

– Licorice sticks are a safe substitute for cigarettes. Those who chew on them report that their cravings are lessened!

– Lemon, peppermint and cypress essential oils in a diffuser reduce nicotine cravings.

Red Dead Redemption Review

Read Dead Redemption is a sandbox-style third-person action game. The game is set in the Old West, but in 1911. Predictably, the game’s central theme is change. Players control John Marston, a former outlaw attempting to run a legitimate ranch. The game spans an expansive territory called “New Austin,” presumed to be modern day southern Arizona and Mexico.

As the name suggests, it comes with the true spirit of the Wild West and would remind you of old Clint Eastwood classics and Spaghetti western games prevalent in the 1960s and 70s and the exact opposite of a pokemon go , but with the help of the technology we can easily able to set Pokemon go accounts for sale.

The game plays out in thirds. The first third of the game introduces the players to John Marston as he gets off a train in New Austin. The game reveals that Marston is searching for some old colleagues at the behest of two government agents who threaten his family. The second third of the game follows Marston into Mexico in search of his cohorts. The final third of the game follows Marston as he finishes his government work, reunites with his family, and attempts to live a normal life.

As mentioned previously, Red Dead Redemption’s central theme is change. The game chronicles the decline of the Old West by introducing cars, modern trains, and a wide variance in firearm technologies; the conversations between characters, technologies, and other aspects of the game’s story emphasize how much certain change is inevitable. In contrast, Marston’s story chronicles how some change is impossible.

Read Dead Redemption has diverse gameplay. Players control Marston as he rides across the landscape from town to town encountering new associates, employers, and brigands. The game utilizes a reputation meter to assess Marston’s actions. As Marston assists the townspeople, defeats criminals, and makes the world a better place, his reputation improves. As Marston robs banks, murders innocents, and kicks puppies, he gains notoriety. As Marston gains or loses notoriety, the individuals he interacts with will respond in different ways; players can choose to be feared or loved.

Combat is diverse. Marston can shoot his opponents, lasso them, run them over with a horse, or simply run away from them, depending upon the situation. Throughout the game, the player will fight everyone from outlaws, vigilantes, wild animals, Mexican rebels, and agents from the American and Mexican governments. Marston can take cover behind various objects and fire from cover. The game also utilizes a Dead Eye system, which slows down time considerably and allows players to select where Marston will place his subsequent shots.

Between towns, players will encounter various individuals near the roadway. Some of these individuals will be friendly, some will have jobs for Marston, and some will attempt to rob him. Marston’s experience in any given town depends upon that particular town’s resources. Generally, Marston can shop at any store during business hours. Marston will occasionally encounter shopkeepers who have just been robbed. These shopkeepers will enlist Marston’s assistance, and the player can ignore the pleas, lasso the robber and return him to the shopkeeper for a reward, or kill the robber and keep the money. This will increase Marton’s fame or notoriety.

Players who commit crimes will have a bounty placed on their heads. The nature of the bounty depends up on the nature of the crime, with more severe crimes earning a higher bounty. Once the bounty exceeds a certain threshold, posses will hunt down the player and attempt to kill Marston. Players can remove the bounty by heading to the local train station and paying it off, or by using a marker. There is even an unlockable achievement for when players call in a favor with a bounty over a certain amount. Players should pay off the bounty when they incur it, as even if the player manages to defeat the posse or the U.S. Marshals sent after him, he or she will expend more ammunition that he or she will obtain from the pursuing force.

Online play consists of several different game modes. Players can explore the map together, but for the most part, multiplayer consists of players shooting each other. Players cannot cooperatively complete the story mode.

This site generally does not discuss downloadable content, as it is not part of the core game. However, one particularly amusing piece of DLC is the Undead Nightmare pack. Undead Nightmare is an alternate continuity story wherein Marston, his wife, and his son all reside on Marston’s ranch when a zombie apocalypse ensues. Marston’s wife and son are infected, so Marston locks his wife and son in the bedroom and embarks on a journey to uncover the source of the mysterious affliction. The characters are different; some of the characters are dead, and some of the characters are undead. As players complete plot missions, they unlock more of the story. Each town and ranch can come under attack from zombies over the course of the game, and Marston must rush to save the townspeople.

Graphically, Red Dead Redemption is wonderful. The desert landscape is particularly detailed, with rocks, brush, and dirt as detailed as the real thing. Player clothing, designs, and facial features are appropriately weathered and realistic. The building designs follow suit. Textures are detailed and there are no jagged edges. The overall environment comes across as a real western town. When Marston races across the desert landscape on his horse or takes cover in a bombed-out Mexican building, the experience feels very real.

Red Dead Redemption has excellent audio. Voice acting is top notch. Characters speak with appropriate accents and inflections. The game’s sounds are equally good. Gunfire and weapon effects sound realistic and diverse, as do footsteps, horseshoes, train sounds, doors, various animal sounds, fire effects, and every other aspect of the game. Even the more subtle environmental sounds are realistic, which helps put the game’s feel over the top. Music out in the wild is typically atmospheric while music in bars is appropriate for American and Mexican culture at the time. The music fits perfectly with the environment and never overpowers the sound or characters. With sophisticated voice acting, quality sound effects, and appropriate music, Red Dead Redemption earns a high score for sound.

Red Dead Redemption has good replayability. The game has a sophisticated story set in a varied environment in which Marston meets interesting and textured characters while having the opportunity to engage in various moral or immoral acts. The single-player mode is worth multiple playthroughs. Multiplayer is not quite as interesting or even as varied; players can kill each other, assault or defend forts, and so on. The expansive nature of the map and fact that players generally respawn a good distance away from the conflict mean that fast-and-furious gunbattles in developed towns are relatively rare. However, the multiplayer is worth the players’ time, if only for those rare opportunities. The downloadable content mentioned above only adds to the experience.

Overall, Red Dead Redemption is one of the finest games in Rockstar’s catalog.

The Ufc Is Making a Mistake By Teaming Up With Ea Sports

Last week at the 2012 E3 Expo, EA Sports announced that it has partnered with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to publish its video games. I believe that this is bad news for fans of the current UFC Undisputed series.

The game’s former publisher, THQ, has produced three outstanding versions of the game, which they have managed to improve with each edition. THQ gave mixed martial arts fans the best video-gaming experience the sport has ever seen. The UFC is taking a risk by agreeing to a deal with a company that has never shown the same passion for creating an MMA game like THQ has.

In fact, one of the reasons that EA Sports didn’t have the original UFC license was due to the company’s lack of respect towards MMA.

“EA Sports told us, ‘You’re not a real sport’,” UFC president Dana White said in 2009. “‘We wouldn’t touch this thing. We want nothing to do with this.'”

THQ stepped in and made a deal with the UFC after EA Sports passed on the opportunity to publish the game. Three years later, EA’s attitude towards MMA has apparently changed, but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t be skeptical. The company that ignored the UFC later attempted to create its own game, EA Sports MMA, which failed miserably. Fans haven’t forgotten the problems that EA had developing that game.

EA’s first UFC game is going to be under a microscope from the moment it begins development through its release. THQ did an outstanding job with the Undisputed franchise. The games were so well-made that many of their flaws were ignored by fans. EA Sports won’t have that luxury. MMA fans are going to take a hard look at EA’s product, and if it doesn’t meet or exceed the standards set by THQ, then they won’t buy the game again in the future.

EA Sports has already seen its reputation slip with a string of good but not great editions of its other franchises. The Madden series has faced criticism for failing to improve in recent years. The company also attempted to replace the NBA Live franchise with NBA Elite, which didn’t even make it to stores before falling apart.

It’s hard to understand why the UFC would move away from its partnership with THQ, though a recent statement released by the publisher noted that transferring the license to EA “made sense to all parties.” But it doesn’t make sense for the UFC, not when EA has already struggled to produce one MMA game and can’t seem to improve their current sports products. The UFC is making a mistake. EA Sports is not a good fit for the Undisputed franchise.
It is not that EA Sports is does not have good content but when it comes to UFC, there needs to be a strong contender in the field and THQ has only added to its glory like a pokemon go account to all the pokemons.

How to Pay Off Those Student Loans in Record Time

Let’s face it, most students will graduate college with some or a mountain of student loan debt. Waiting for loan forgiveness takes ten years of payments for certain jobs and it really is a burden. Interest on these loans especially Sallie Mae are compounded daily.

Not paying on them during the time you are in school will leave you double the debt by the time you are finished school.

So once you are finished school and have 60,000 dollars or more of student loan debt, how do you pay it off in less then 30 years? It can be a simple thing and not impossible.

I had $30,000 in student loan debt after 3 years of school. I was unable to get a job with my degrees because 1. I had no experience 2. No one was hiring in the field I chose. 3. I took all my classes on line and later found out the school I attended was not accredited. So now I had a mountain of debt and no way to make the money I needed to pay it off with ease.

First try to find a lender who will combine all of your loans for one payment. In the long run this will save you a mountain of interest and you will only be paying one interest rate instead of multiple ones.

I started making the monthly payments of $265.00 a month, but realized soon that this was not making my loan go anywhere. $200 was going straight to the interest and only $65.00 to the principle. I had to decide how I was going to make my dollars count towards my loan to make the principle go down and not gain anymore interest.

I figured I could pay $400.00 a month but decided to pay it in weekly installments. Within the first month the principle started going down and more was being applied to the principle and it was not gaining interest. However, there’s this which I tried, and it really was very useful as it kept my documents safe and secure. This weekly payment was not giving the loan time to draw interest. I figured out that if I continued to pay my loan weekly, I could pay it off it six years or less.

I took every ounce of extra money ie: income tax, job bonuses and such and applied these to my loans also. In one year my loan was down almost 5,000 dollars and most of that was principle. Even if you only pay the least amount due, break it up in to weekly payments. That way it has no time to gain interest and you will see your principle go down fast.

You can get your loans under control and paid off quickly if you follow these simple tips.

Tips on Repairing the Hole in the Drywall Without Having to Call Experts

To do some renovations without necessarily having to call an expert requires one to be equipped with the right equipments or tools. To do repairs of a hole in a drywall, mesh wall patch, a utility knife, sandpaper, joint compound, dust mask, and a tray for holding and combining the repair mix would be some of the essential working tools.

Unlike in the past, at the moment most hardware stores stock a mesh patch that can be placed over the hole, which has a sticky back that holds firmly to the wall. With the proper tools, the job cannot consume a lot of time.

Bear in mind that you cannot use the regular tacks and raw materials but tools belonging to a company of great repute like Makita as it has some of the best tools you can ever find online. Furthermore, Impact Driver Guide has rated Makita Impact Drivers at the top of their list in a recent survey, which is enough to conclude on its reliability.

Some of the techniques of repairing a hole in the drywall include the processes of ensuring that the floor if fully covered with a cloth to save it from damage because of the activities to be undertaken on the region being repaired. After this safety precaution is taken, the surface ought to be set up for the mesh patch by getting rid of any protruding pieces of the drywall using the utility knife. The sandpapers should come in handy where one need to tenderly sand around the hole gently until the entire hole is smooth.

After ensuring the surface is ready to start working on, the mesh patch is positioned directly over the hole and leveled to the edges. The paper ought to be unwrapped while backing off of from the patch. This is a process that ensures that the center of the patch is directly covering where the whole originates and the edges are smoothened in place.

The joining mixture or compound should then be loaded on its tray then applied on the patched area using the putty knife. It is very important to smooth the joining compound outwards side to side and top to bottom beyond the patched area so as to ensure uniformity and compatibility. This also gives a better finish.

The joining compound requires to be allowed to fully dry before sanding with the right grade sand paper can be done. The standard joining mixture is usually given about eight to ten hours of drying so that it is fully ready for sanding. Once the area is fully sanded, the repaired area must be cleaned of any dust using a damp rag.

The application of the joining compound should be done again on the patch to enhance the repairs, this time using a finer coat. The final sanding ought to be done with a finely grit sandpaper so as to give a perfect final finish.

The final task awaiting is to repaint the repaired area. Priming the repaired area before repainting is necessary where a latex based primer may be utilized. The prime is allowed to dry out completely before application of the final coat of paint is applied. Sometimes, the patched area may not match the wall and this call for the whole wall to be repainted to achieve the proper match. This is the reason why one is advised to plan for the whole wall repainting to avoid disappointments after patch repairs.

The first set joining compound is a choice available for those who might not be having the needed time for the repairs. One maybe very pressed to find enough time for the repairs but this compound is meant to enable them to finish the repair much faster and still achieve what was aimed at. It is usually a powdered compound mixed with water as per the manufacturing instructions. With the necessary strategies in place, the repairs of drywalls remain a basic task that can be performed by anyone without any trouble.

Revamping the Kitchen Cabinets

So, you think it is time for a little revamping of the kitchen… eh? Money’s tight you say? No need to fear… the Baconator is here with ajouter une balise. Do I have a suggestion for you! The kitchen happens to be my happy place. The aroma of bacon sizzling in the pan can always bring a smile to my face… but there was a time I was not as happy-go-lucky about visiting my happy place. You ask why… oh thank you and allow me to explain. My kitchen was a dark place. It felt closed in. I needed room, no; I needed light, no… I needed to simply brighten things up. So I pulled out my little bag of tricks and decided to put a little magic to work…

The last tenants that lived in this place had painted the trim around the kitchen cabinets this dreary, dark, horrid, I guess you would call it a mix between hunter green and dark teal green. The cabinet door where natural wood with a nice layer of grime.

Okay, here is where the overhaul comes in. Bear with me… I was a single mom, and on a very tight budget, so I had to use my creative thinking to make a change that would cost me less than $20.00 but looks like more. Paint and hard work were the answer to this particular dilemma.

I have posted pictures so you can see what just a little paint can accomplish with the throwing in of some hard work. However, the tricks did not lie just in the paint. Paint can get costly so previous creative thinking saved my wallet. See, where I lived before we had a Habitat for Humanities store. What they consist of is a bunch of paint that contractors have donated from jobs they were they had over purchased, kitchen cabinets they had removed from a home when remodeling, doors, screws, carpet, tiles, you name it. Just about everything from your bathroom sink to the kitchen sink and the prices are the best!

During the time I lived where I had access to this gold mine, I would buy paint like crazy for one project or another. When I moved some of this paint came with me, so, therefore, I needed no money for the paint to revamp this particular kitchen, just will power, insight, and elbow grease; all that was free! First off, I had to hide the hideous green… I have had good luck with Zinsser Bullseye 1.2.3 and Kilz as primers. Generally, you can find these as well at your local Habitat for Humanities store.

So, I removed the cabinet doors marking each one with some painters tape as to what location I took it down from as well as taped the screws with the masking tape to the inside of each cabinet door as to not to lose them when it came time to put them back up.

Then came the hard part… cleaning the trim/frames around the cabinets doors. A mixture of hot bleach or ammonia water works well and is cheap.

Once cleaned and dry, I primed them. The existing color was dark so I primed twice to make sure I would not have any bleed through from the existing paint or any cooking grease or smoke I may have missed in my cleaning.

After they dried I picked a color to paint the trim that was lighter then the walls but yet still in the same color tone, and commenced to painting the trim or cabinet frames if you like. You could also do texture style painting if you choose, but that would have to be another article. During each drying cycle, I worked on the kitchen cabinet doors. The wood was in great shape and just needed brightening up. So first I did a simple cleaning of the kitchen cabinet doors with some Murphy’s Wood Oil Soap, and then on to polishing them up. I used Guardsman Furniture Polish for that task. I think this was my most expensive purchase for this project running at about $6.00 I think but worth every penny of it! It made the old wood shine like new! A quick switch of handles on your kitchen cabinets can give them new life as well. These can also be found at your local Habitat for Humanities store. An occasional wipe down with the Guardsman on your wooden kitchen cabinets keeps the shine shinning!

After all, paint dried, it was just the matter or remounting the cabinet doors. Bigger cabinet doors can get a bit tricky trying to screw the screws back in and hold it at the same time. If you start getting frustrated, TAKE A BREAK! On the other hand, if you have someone to help you it should not be a problem. An occasional wipe down with the Guardsman on your wooden kitchen cabinets keeps the shine shinning!

This total project cost, if I added up the paint I already had with cleaning supplies included was about $20.00. Now that is just one way to revamp your kitchen cabinets. It does not always mean you have to buy new to get a new look or be happy in your happy place!

What Are The 7 Success Tips From Nipsey Hussle?

Nipsey Hussle was a great American rapper who was born on 15 august 1985 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He was professionally called as Nipsey Hussle, and his real name is Ermias Joseph Asghedom. He was also an activist as well as an entrepreneur who was deliberately fond of rapping and music. He created lots of music raps and was also stylized as Nipsey Hus$$le. He was murdered in 2019, and the cause of death is gunshot wounds as he was attacked by some gunmen. He has a big fan following and earned millions of hearts by his rapping style and music.

Despite of a rapper and entrepreneur, he was also a leader who helped lots of people to accomplish live in a beautiful aspect. He was also nominated as a Grammy for the best album victory lap in 2018. He was a great rapper in the legacy of music. He was a genius who has different ways to deal with life as his life lessons and success theories were relatively different and motivating. In this article, you will be going to read about the 7 Nipsey Hussle Quotes, which will help and encourage you to view the world in a different way. Not only this, but his quotes and thinking were quite positive in terms of the following passion and learning new things.

Here are the 7 Nipsey Hussle Quotes listed as:

  1. Never stop learning: In the legacy of his life, the first lesson we can conquer is to never stop learning. According to him, there is no age of learning. He always believed that one should learn as much as they can. He was fond of reading books, and through his sense of savvy, it becomes realistic for him to built new things and owning a business. He was very determined towards learning new things through books, the internet, etc. he likes to take ideas from books through which he made 1000 copies of his $100 mixtape. He took this idea from a book that was named as contagious, and the author of this book was Jonah Berger. He was so determined that everyone who knows him agrees on his relentless focused mind.
  2. Make genuine connections: He believes in making genuine connections, and this is his second success quotes to “make genuine connections”. Being an entrepreneur, he well knew about the importance of forming connections and implementing networks. He was a true talent for the audience, and therefore he made genuine connections that approach his talent. He was always loved by everyone, and he struggled a lot for making his mark on the world and in rapping music.
  3. Prepare yourself to do all the works: according to him, no work is small and if always render for preparing himself for all types of work. He believes in these success quotes, which encourage a person to prepare themselves enough to consider every type of work. He was willing enough to perform different tasks and work altogether. He concise music but also clean his own studio by keeping all the trash out from the studio. He was optimistic and down to earth person who was focused as well as render positive vibes.
  4. Build your own brand: Nipsey knows that what his opportunities are as well as representation among the audience. He was also accomplished for one of his thoughts, which states to build your own brand. He knows how to represent himself and focus on himself. His goals and theories were relatively very clear. No one can easily understand him as well as his brand because he has his own theories, and somehow, this is the reason behind his success.
  5. Life is a marathon: you can’t get success in one night. Life is a marathon, and you have to run for achieving success in your life. He believes in hard work and determination towards your work. He was not a person who takes the credit of anyone else. He believed that by running in a marathon of life wisely, you would defiantly reach success and new opportunities in your life. He was not a person who focuses on immediate wealth because all he wants to consider the reputation and long-term wealth.
  6. Follow your passion and focus on it: he always believes that one should follow their passion first and then focus on it. There are several numbers of individuals who have lost their passion and dreams. But Nipsey always accomplishes that it is important to create your own story for getting success. He never cared what people think about him because he always cherished those things on which he is passionate. He has never believed in judging someone’s character by his work, and somehow that is the reason why people love Nipsey as well his theories for dealing with life.
  7. You always need to remember your community, which built you: being a successful rapper, he always loved and respect his community, which has built him. He never left his instincts and neighborhood by getting fame and success. He always believed in unity and offer opportunities so that more and more people will relate to economic success. He focused on everything like the inequality faced in communities, and he also worked on it. He has different ways and fundamentals in dealing with life.

It was tragic as well as shocking for everyone to believe Nipsey’s death because he was very calm and a motivational person. He always believed in hard work and uniting people together. In this article, I have listed all the 7 success quotes of Nipsey’s in the above section, which will help you to view life in a different way. It is amazing as well as very beneficial for us to once go through the journey and thoughts of Nipsey’s so that we can cherish them as well as implement it in our livelihood. May the information and data which are mentioned in this article will be helpful for you.