Red Dead Redemption Review

Read Dead Redemption is a sandbox-style third-person action game. The game is set in the Old West, but in 1911. Predictably, the game’s central theme is change. Players control John Marston, a former outlaw attempting to run a legitimate ranch. The game spans an expansive territory called “New Austin,” presumed to be modern day southern Arizona and Mexico.

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The game plays out in thirds. The first third of the game introduces the players to John Marston as he gets off a train in New Austin. The game reveals that Marston is searching for some old colleagues at the behest of two government agents who threaten his family. The second third of the game follows Marston into Mexico in search of his cohorts. The final third of the game follows Marston as he finishes his government work, reunites with his family, and attempts to live a normal life.

As mentioned previously, Red Dead Redemption’s central theme is change. The game chronicles the decline of the Old West by introducing cars, modern trains, and a wide variance in firearm technologies; the conversations between characters, technologies, and other aspects of the game’s story emphasize how much certain change is inevitable. In contrast, Marston’s story chronicles how some change is impossible.

Read Dead Redemption has diverse gameplay. Players control Marston as he rides across the landscape from town to town encountering new associates, employers, and brigands. The game utilizes a reputation meter to assess Marston’s actions. As Marston assists the townspeople, defeats criminals, and makes the world a better place, his reputation improves. As Marston robs banks, murders innocents, and kicks puppies, he gains notoriety. As Marston gains or loses notoriety, the individuals he interacts with will respond in different ways; players can choose to be feared or loved.

Combat is diverse. Marston can shoot his opponents, lasso them, run them over with a horse, or simply run away from them, depending upon the situation. Throughout the game, the player will fight everyone from outlaws, vigilantes, wild animals, Mexican rebels, and agents from the American and Mexican governments. Marston can take cover behind various objects and fire from cover. The game also utilizes a Dead Eye system, which slows down time considerably and allows players to select where Marston will place his subsequent shots.

Between towns, players will encounter various individuals near the roadway. Some of these individuals will be friendly, some will have jobs for Marston, and some will attempt to rob him. Marston’s experience in any given town depends upon that particular town’s resources. Generally, Marston can shop at any store during business hours. Marston will occasionally encounter shopkeepers who have just been robbed. These shopkeepers will enlist Marston’s assistance, and the player can ignore the pleas, lasso the robber and return him to the shopkeeper for a reward, or kill the robber and keep the money. This will increase Marton’s fame or notoriety.

Players who commit crimes will have a bounty placed on their heads. The nature of the bounty depends up on the nature of the crime, with more severe crimes earning a higher bounty. Once the bounty exceeds a certain threshold, posses will hunt down the player and attempt to kill Marston. Players can remove the bounty by heading to the local train station and paying it off, or by using a marker. There is even an unlockable achievement for when players call in a favor with a bounty over a certain amount. Players should pay off the bounty when they incur it, as even if the player manages to defeat the posse or the U.S. Marshals sent after him, he or she will expend more ammunition that he or she will obtain from the pursuing force.

Online play consists of several different game modes. Players can explore the map together, but for the most part, multiplayer consists of players shooting each other. Players cannot cooperatively complete the story mode.

This site generally does not discuss downloadable content, as it is not part of the core game. However, one particularly amusing piece of DLC is the Undead Nightmare pack. Undead Nightmare is an alternate continuity story wherein Marston, his wife, and his son all reside on Marston’s ranch when a zombie apocalypse ensues. Marston’s wife and son are infected, so Marston locks his wife and son in the bedroom and embarks on a journey to uncover the source of the mysterious affliction. The characters are different; some of the characters are dead, and some of the characters are undead. As players complete plot missions, they unlock more of the story. Each town and ranch can come under attack from zombies over the course of the game, and Marston must rush to save the townspeople.

Graphically, Red Dead Redemption is wonderful. The desert landscape is particularly detailed, with rocks, brush, and dirt as detailed as the real thing. Player clothing, designs, and facial features are appropriately weathered and realistic. The building designs follow suit. Textures are detailed and there are no jagged edges. The overall environment comes across as a real western town. When Marston races across the desert landscape on his horse or takes cover in a bombed-out Mexican building, the experience feels very real.

Red Dead Redemption has excellent audio. Voice acting is top notch. Characters speak with appropriate accents and inflections. The game’s sounds are equally good. Gunfire and weapon effects sound realistic and diverse, as do footsteps, horseshoes, train sounds, doors, various animal sounds, fire effects, and every other aspect of the game. Even the more subtle environmental sounds are realistic, which helps put the game’s feel over the top. Music out in the wild is typically atmospheric while music in bars is appropriate for American and Mexican culture at the time. The music fits perfectly with the environment and never overpowers the sound or characters. With sophisticated voice acting, quality sound effects, and appropriate music, Red Dead Redemption earns a high score for sound.

Red Dead Redemption has good replayability. The game has a sophisticated story set in a varied environment in which Marston meets interesting and textured characters while having the opportunity to engage in various moral or immoral acts. The single-player mode is worth multiple playthroughs. Multiplayer is not quite as interesting or even as varied; players can kill each other, assault or defend forts, and so on. The expansive nature of the map and fact that players generally respawn a good distance away from the conflict mean that fast-and-furious gunbattles in developed towns are relatively rare. However, the multiplayer is worth the players’ time, if only for those rare opportunities. The downloadable content mentioned above only adds to the experience.

Overall, Red Dead Redemption is one of the finest games in Rockstar’s catalog.


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