Some Exercises On How To Lose Facial Fat

If you have been eating excessively in the previous days, then you must have gained a lot of weight. Many times excessive weight gain is shown from the face, as the body stores some extra fats on the face, probably on the cheeks and under the chin. If u have noticed an increase in the weight of your face, then you definitely need to take action. For this purpose you need to know various steps of how to lose facial fat. There are many exercises aimed at guiding you towards losing excessive fat from the face, but it is worth knowing that practicing such exercises that focus on a specific area of the face is not much beneficial. You need to do exercises for the whole body to see noticeable effects of fat loss from your face.

Body Exercises Accompanied with Face Exercises

If you wish to lose your weight quickly, you need to go through a weight loss program, which involves a number of exercises. When it is about how to lose facial fat then you must accompany body exercises with face exercises. Body exercises may include your normal daily routine exercises. These will not only result in fat and calorie burning, but will also result in a healthy body. Aerobics are also a good option that boosts up the body’s metabolism. They help in burning fats and calories quickly. It is better to practice aerobics three to four times a week for quick results. Such body exercises should be accompanied by other exercises that are specific for face. Facial exercises may also include those that focus on only a specific area of the face, as well as those that help reducing fat from the face all over.

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One exercise for the whole face is to touch the upper lip with the nose tip and try smiling as much as you can. This will strengthen your face muscles and help you burn the excess fat, if practiced frequently.

It is astonishing but true that blinking and nodding also work in reducing face fat. Blinking the eyes 15 times and then taking rest for a minute, then repeating the process also helps. Sitting up and down nodding, is another exercise that helps a great deal.

Other exercises that are specific for specific areas of the face include those for reducing the cheeks, as well as those for removing double chin

Exercise for Double Chin

If you feel inferior among your friends because of your double chin, then you need not to worry. The exercise among the many other ways on how to lose facial fat is beneficial. You will need to rub the back of your palm under the chin. This rubbing with eventually push in the fat stored below the chin and remove the double chin. Just practice this exercise whenever you remember it.

Exercise for Chubby Cheeks

While chubby cheeks look good on some faces, but do not look good on those with a slim body. Reducing some fat from the cheeks can be done by closing the lips and pulling in air, so that the cheeks are also pulled in. This makes the muscles strong, and makes the skin tough and tight. Smiling with extending the lips as far as they can also helps. When practicing smiling, you should try to smile as if the two ends of your mouth are touching your ear lobes. These exercises are very simple, and can be practiced anytime, even while driving.

Thus, the above mentioned exercises on how to lose facial fat are beneficial only if they are practiced on a regular basis, with a high frequency.


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