Some Of The Best First Date Ideas

Here are some of the finest first-date ideas that were compiled after reading multiple Ashley Madison reviews and articles. 

  1. Dinner & movie

Not only seniors over the age of 50, but young couples also elect to go for dinner & a movie if they`re not sure of the best first date idea. Both of you will be able to know one another better during the meal. In case you wish to slow things down a bit, go for 2 cups of tea/coffee along with a piece of cake at your favorite bakery.

After the meal, you can pick a movie with the agreement of both. Rather than going out, you could also prepare a meal by yourself for your date & enjoy the movie at the house. It can help add a unique touch to the occasion. Besides, familiar environments can make you feel more comfortable at home. 

  1. Enjoy Nature:

In case you`re a nature enthusiast, nothing can beat a nature tour as the best idea for your first date as a single senior. Whether it is a brief walk on the old-fashioned street, or a calm seashore, a brief nature hike (as long as it`s not too challenging), or a romantic boat ride.

  1. Games:

Men particularly love watching different sports. It can be baseball, ice hockey, or football. If your potential partner is a sports enthusiast, you could make the occasion unforgettable by inviting them to the game.

  1. Picnic:

A romantic picnic beside a pond or lake or at the park can be considered as well. Pack your picnic basket adding crisps, drinks & sandwiches. However, be sure to observe the weather first as heavy rain can spoil even your picnic.

  1. Cultural Visit:

If the two of you are art lovers, a visit to an art gallery or a museum can make for a perfect date idea. This might not seem like a normal date idea. Hence, it is important that you take the opinion of your partner prior to planning the visit. If you want to break free the child within you, then consider attending a carnival or a street fair. It can be an excellent way to being yourself whilst you are on your first date.

  1. Tour to the Winery:

A trip to your nearby winery can be another great first date idea for seniors who`re single. Wineries lure plenty of senior crowds and thus, both of you won’t feel uncomfortable while on a date.

7.?A Stage Play or musical concert:

You may also consider inviting your potential match to a stage play or a musical concert. Again, get their thoughts on it so that you can pick something which both of you will be able to enjoy together.

Irrespective of your final choice, the main purpose of your first date must be to enjoy the company of each other & with some luck, it`ll result in a 2nd date.



Alma is a travel enthusiast who loves visiting historical sites. Besides this, she loves creative writing and shares her views on the different events that are going around her.