Step-by-step guide on backing computer on flash drive

Do you have sensitive files or priceless data on your computer that you can’t afford to lose? Well, who doesn’t? Now, could you imagine the magnitude of data disaster that might happen if your PC crashes? Or, what if there is a prolonged power outage that makes it impossible to plug-in to your computer and access the files? The best answer to all these mishaps is data backup on flash drive. You will get flash drives in various storage capacities today, ranging up to 512 GB like infiniti kloud drive.

The post below offers a brief on backing the whole computer data on USB flash drive.

Connect drive to computer

Step 1

Plug the drive into designated USB slot on the computer. Wait for some time and you will get notified once the drive gets installed.

Step 2

The drive would appear in G or F or E drive in your PC/laptop. Once you can locate it, click on “Start”. Then, go to “All programs”, followed by “Accessories”, “System Tools” as well as finally “Backup”.

Backing up computer data

Step 1

Once backup software opens up and sends the welcome message, click on “Next”. Go to next screen where you will find a tab named “Back up files and settings”. Click on it and then click on “Next”.

Step 2

This step is about choosing the different files that you wish to backup at present. This post is about backing up every important file your computer houses. 

As you reach to another screen after the first step, you will find a tab named “What files to backup”. Now, one thing- before you insert your drive into computer, you must make sure to save all the needed files in your My Documents section. It will be time-consuming to add files individually from different folders during backup. But, when you will have everything in one place, things will be faster and more convenient.  

As of now, let’s assume, you have kept all the files in My Documents. So, you will click on “My Documents & Settings” to access the files stored in My Documents. There will be a separate tab called “All data on computer”. You will select this tab if you need to backup every single thing your computer houses currently on flash drive. After you select the right backup option, click on “Next” tab.

Step 3

Now, we have almost reached at the final stage of the backup process.

This is where you will decide where to store the backup. Click on “Backup destination, Type and name”. Then, click on “Browse”, and select a location to save the backup. Your default drive will be “A”. You will certainly don’t want to save the backup there. So, click on “Cancel” and then go to “Save As”. Now, click on “My Computer” and then on flash drive. Enter a valid name and you are done.

Don’t just pull out the flash drive from computer. Follow proper steps to disable it and then disconnect it from your system.


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