Tiktok- Fame Of a Lifetime For Betterment Purposes

Well this ought to be an interesting discussion for everyone, both youngsters and old folks as this would open up many doors for them in understanding where we all have reached as human beings in the current year that is 2020.

Today is the modern age of social media where tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram call the shots and virtually make humans dance to their tunes and are so powerful mediums that they can make and break carriers in a jiffy.

However, there is another one that has overtaken all three of them in popularity and has driven many people up against the wall because it has had both positive and negative impacts in the lives, which goes by the name Tiktok.

Brief Description

Tiktok is a mobile app that originated in China and is owned by ByteDance, a company based in Beijing and was founded by a world famous entrepreneur Zhang Yiming in 2012. It was initially launched for the purpose of providing entertainment for young children in a similar fashion to mobile games.

By all purposes, it is still used for the same reasons as it was in the beginning but the platform has become bigger and wider as numerous people have used it to their advantage to get famous through this medium as some other mobile applications are used.

It was launched around September 2016 in China and was an exclusive app for Apple and Android phones limited to a few Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and other smaller districts to test its capabilities.

While it was successful in the initial stages, it soon attained a small notoriety as it came to be associated with cheap entertainment where you could post porn videos and vulgar content, which prompted Yiming to take drastic changes in its uses.

Advanced Technique

We are now in 2020 and the current decade is slated to be a game changing one as Artificial Intelligence will take over the mantle from humans as they say but right now, Tiktok is using the same technique to get itself connected to the viewers.

Like all social media forums, tiktok too has an intriguing and complicated algorithm that finds viewers who are interested in subscribing to it and therefore recommends them content based videos based on a particular subscribers’ interest by analyzing his profile where he has listed out his likes, dislikes, preferences and interested content and accordingly sends videos on his timeline, similar to the pattern followed by YouTube, which is an advanced technique to say the least.

Parents’ Worst Nightmare

Tiktok is currently the most downloaded mobile app in the world at the moment with billions of subscribers worldwide but this internet sensation that has become a boon to young folks has proven to be a nightmare to their parents.

Parents are of the view that Tiktok is nothing more than a useless and notorious platform that has spoiled the minds of their children by leading them astray from family values and taken them to the wrong path.

They are quite right in a way but there is little that they can do about it as they need to deal with their children with an iron hand if they are so serious about it. Nevertheless, that is an entirely different topic for another day.

Tiktok Fame

For now, we are going to discuss about some important points that need to be followed by youngsters who have tried out everything from the book to get famous through this platform but with no results and they even want to buy cheap tiktok followers to increase their base.

Some important steps to get famous from tiktok are as follows:

  • Keep uploading videos on a regular basis so as to stay connected to your loyal fans who have subscribed with you till now
  • Always change the theme and content of your videos and don’t just limit yourself to a single genre as that will make you look monotonous
  • Take care to look handsome and attractive so that it will catch the eye of girls who may want to meet that special someone
  • Never post anything that may harm the feelings of others and always remain positive in your videos with no negative content

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