Tips for Effective Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the essential skills that every writer needs to develop. Skill at writing is important but proofreading skills are equally important. Proofreading is simply the ability to reread written work and be able to edit it before the article is published. Many articles are refused because the writer did not proofread the article before submitting it.

Proofreading does not need to be a long or difficult process. Proofreading takes a little time, some basic skills, and some common sense. There are some simple ways to proofread to assist in the writing and publishing process.

These simple steps can assist in the proofreading process

  • Read the article aloud
  • Read the article for grammar mistakes
  • Be sure the point of the article is clear
  • Double-check the facts

Before the proofreading process begins take a few moments to print out the article. The hard copy of the article makes it easier to read and gives the ability to mark mistakes. Making corrections is a breeze on the printed copy and streamlines the editing process. A hard copy of the article offers a different perspective on the article.

1.) Read the article aloud

Reading the article aloud accomplishes several important things. First, reading aloud gives the writer a perspective of the reader. Gaining the reader perspective can measure the readability of the article and assist to ensure clarity. Reading the article aloud can also assist in finding mistakes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

2.) Examine for grammar mistakes

Grammar and spell check are incredible tools for electronic writing but they are far from perfect. It is impossible for grammar check to find every mistake within a document. This means that there are errors that grammar or spell check will routinely miss. It pays to self-check writing before making submissions. The simple mistakes can cause major problems when seeking publishing.

Avoiding common grammar mistakes takes careful attention to detail. Here are some of the routine mistakes made in writing.

  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Sentence Structure
  • Vocabulary

3.) Be sure the point of the article is clear

The goal of writing is to communicate with the reader. It is impossible to communicate if the reader cannot comprehend the article. One of the most important jobs of the writer is to communicate the facts in a creative manner that is clear and understandable. An article written creatively and correctly but not clearly will miss the goal of communication.

4.) Double check the facts

Detective Friday from the old television series Dragnet always asked for “just the facts.” Writers must have a desire to get the facts of the article correct. Factual errors can be devastating to an article. Be sure to have all factual matters correct and document them if needed.

Proofreading pays huge dividends for the writer and developing proofreading skills is easier than one might think. Using simple steps not only improves proofreading but also overall writing quality. The classes should improve the overall performance of the students. Along with the spelling, the vocabulary should be excellent to pronounce the words. The writing should be improved to write an English or Hindi letter to the senior ones. With the achievements, the student can clear the concept and become extraordinary and for information read the review here at the website. 


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