Top 4 water Pitcher Filters

A water pitcher filter is a great tool to cleanse your water off harmful metals and contaminants. A water filter is indispensable for the good health and wellness of your family. Are you too looking to invest in a reliable water pitcher filter? Well, it’s easy to get spoilt for choices given the crowd of models in the Market today. But nothing to worry, the post below shares a guide on the best of water pitcher filters you can count on at present.

Waterdrop Chubby

This 10-cup filter pitcher deploys 7-stage filtration technology to ensure maximum elimination of impurities possible. The filter has shown to reduce huge host heavy metals, chemicals like chlorine as well as bad odor and taste. The best part is, although the filter removes out harmful substances yet it also leaves beneficial magnesium and calcium to improve quality of drinking water. Besides, the filter sports a light which alerts when you need to replace your filter. 

It’s to note here, the Waterdrop pitcher has been crafted with premium BPA-free plastic. Its ergonomic handle assures easy use and convenient operation. The pitcher is infused with silver-packed activated carbon as well as premier ACF right from Japan that altogether ensure optimal performance. One Waterdrop filter pitcher could replace 1,600+ regular 16-ounce bottles which further makes it economical and eco-friendly.

PropurProOne G2.0 M pitcher filter

This propur water filter can work with all major water sources, such as rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, rain as well as tap water. It’s a state-of-the-art new ALL-in-one fluoride and contaminants gravity filter that carries silver-infused white-colored ceramic along with ProSorb new granular carbon-activated media. As a result, the water filter is able to remove or reduce almost all kinds of unwanted substances in water, such as- bacteria, chloramines, pesticides, fluoride, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and so on. It is compliant with NSF/ANSI standards and assures a safe and healthy choice. Another great part is, the filter is really convenient to install.


This USA-made product is a premium triple-capacity water filter which can remove 2000 percent more contaminants compared to Brita filter. From lead to mercury to chloramines to chlorine to chromium 6- the Aquagear wonder can deal with all to ensure safe water for your family. It’s to note here, the filter has been passed through rigorous testing before it was launched in the market. Alongside, the filter strictly complies to the needed NSF standards set for contaminant reduction. The filter has been tested in Michigan for copper and lead reduction. Moreover, the Aquagear product is manufactured from 100 percent FDA-approved and 100 percent BPA-free food-grade materials. It’s 100 percent vegan and also 100 percent recyclable.

Seychelle filter

You have another great pitcher filter here which deploys two (and not one) filter cartridges for quicker water filtration. Given its fast service, you will know that you will always have purified water for you at the drop of a hat. In regard to efficiency, the Seychelle filter is able to remove around 99.99 percent of usual contaminants in water.

The pitcher is made from food-grade materials only and you can be assured of safe, healthy drinking water only.


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