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When surfing the net for products to keep my fair skin from turning into burnt toast, I happened across a few websites that offer summer clothing that protects the skin from too much sun. Sometimes, especially after spraying on natural bug repellants, we just don’t want to also spread on a gooey layer of sunscreen. I was very happy to find several clothing lines for men, women, and children that help protect the skin after we have all had our 30 minutes of healthy sunshine per day.

https://www.jets.com.au/shop/swimwear/one+piece is one of the best online portals that you can try for your swimwear needs. For that, all you need is to check out the wide range of products that they have on their website.

Sunfriendlyprodutcts.com was my first stop. They offer certified sun protection gear. From swimsuits, bathing suits, hats, sunglasses, shirts, shirts with UV and rash guard, golfing clothing, tents, umbrellas, all-natural sunscreens, and other earth-friendly products.

I have to say that their men’s eco-mesh shirt is certainly a bit stylish for those fun hiking trips or simply sitting in the back yard minding the grill. They also have a pair of men’s adventure khaki pants that go nicely with the eco-mesh or can be paired with the long sleeve t-shirts that protect against the sun with a protection factor of UPF 50+.

Sunfriendlyproducts.com also carries a women’s line, with products similar to the mesh line, including the eco-mesh shirt, adventure pants, and a nice long-sleeved dress shirt. They also carry a huge line of swimwear for kids and adults. Their little blue or pink kids suit set sets for swimming includes a half-length sleeve top and knee-length swim shorts.

Lands End was my next website stop. I found this flattering and oh-so-cute blue, x-back tankini with a UPF of 50. It is a two-piece, yet provides great coverage. For those of us who like simple and elegant looking swimsuits, this is a real winner. The simple dark blue color with its white trim makes an eye-catching statement. It’s made of quick-drying Supplex.

Lands End also offers a wide selection of cover-ups. These are not just meant to cover up the suit and body from prying eyes. Most are long-sleeved for sun protection out of the water. They are made of a material that won’t make you hot. So you will look great, protect your skin from the sun, and look amazing at the same time. As far as men’s gear goes, you are better off just buying a pair of nice swim shorts from Lands End and purchasing a ¾ sleeve t-shirt to go with it.

Shopnewzealand.co.nz was my next stop. I found a nice adult unisex swimsuit made just for those who wish to protect their back and shoulders from the sun while having fun. It’s a one-piece and should stay in place. It is made with a quick-drying and low irritant fabric that is also resistant to the sun and the damaging effects of chlorine and chemicals. It also has a UPF of 50, which is the maximum for any product. They also offer a selection of other unisex and men’s or women’s sun protection swimsuits, many of which have other special features such as those that cover mid-thigh, or that go down to the knee. They also come with different sleeve lengths, such as no sleeve, short sleeve, or ¾ sleeve lengths.

It seems that there just isn’t a huge collection of adult sun protection swimsuits unless we shop at websites from the UK. The best advice I can give when looking is to find the gear that protects from the neckline down to the mid-thigh area and everywhere in between. A one-piece or full coverage two-piece works well. Expect to pay a pretty penny too. If you are in a hurry, simply go purchase some leggings and a tight-fitting long-sleeved t-shirt. They do provide some sun protection. If you are out of the water, also remember to wear shades and a hat.

The best time to swim is either indoors or in the early morning or early evening when the sun’s most damaging rays are not directly overhead. Although the sun is important to our health, after about 30 minutes, we can sustain burns from it, even if we have dark skin. If you must be out in the water, go shopping at Lands End, Shop New Zealand, Sun Friendly Products, or simply type in a shopping search in Google Shopping to come up with fun sun protection swimsuits.


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