Weight Loss Programs Are Not Created Equal

Throughout my adult life, my bathroom scales have registered from 135 to 210 pounds. And my closet still contains jeans sized 8 Petite to Women’s 16. Someone like me never knows when they might need a different size. When I’m heavier, I use the smaller sizes for inspiration. And when I’m lighter, I use the larger sizes to remind myself of the world of no return.

I’ve tried many diets over the years and I’m providing my experience with three weight loss programs, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Physicians Weight Loss Centers. All three programs allow new clients to sign up through their web sites. The sites also help clients to find a weight loss center location.

Weight Loss with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers (www.WeightWatchers.com) is the most experienced of the three programs I’ve tried. Weight Watchers was begun 45 years ago. Right now, Weight Watchers is offering a 7-day free trial. A monthly pass costs $39.95 and gives unlimited access to center meetings and on-line functions.

The basis of the Weight Watchers program is that every food is assigned a points value, based on its calories, fat and fiber. Clients complete a questionnaire to determine a weight loss goal. That is then used to determine a daily and weekly points value budget. It is then up to the individual to plan what they will eat to remain within the points budget.

The Weight Watchers web site has an extensive selection of recipes and meal planning help. The program offers some food items for purchase. You may also take supplements to help you with your diet. But you have to makes sure that the supplement you are taking is safe and reliable. For some information about the best dietary supplements for weight loss, you can check some resurge reviews.

I tried Weight Watchers three different times. The first time, I lost weight consistently for six weeks and then hit a stall. The second and third time, I never really got off the ground in following the meal plans. The on-line option for participation was not available then and I really did not enjoy, but in fact dreaded, the meetings where 35 to 50 women stood in line to weigh, have their books stamped and then proceeded to a pep talk.

However, Weight Watchers is a sound program that teaches its participants how to eat to first lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight. Participants need to be fairly motivated to plan their meals and to make healthier selections when dining out or traveling.

Weight Loss with Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig (www.JennyCraig.com) was founded in 1983. The first step for the Jenny Craig program is a lifestyle assessment to determine lifestyle and the weight loss goal. This is completed in-person at a Jenny Craig center or by phone. One key difference with the Jenny Craig program is that participants meet weekly with a personal consultant, again either in-person or by phone.

In addition, the Jenny Craig program is based on the purchase of branded meals and snacks. These are then supplemented with fruits and vegetables. Menu plans are created for each participant. As a result, participants in Jenny Craig need only follow the prescribed menu plan and purchase the needed meals from the program.

I wanted to lose 40 pounds with Jenny Craig and I did indeed lose all but two of those pounds. The weight stayed off for about six months. A primary reason I began to gain weight back was that I did not elect to purchase into the maintenance program and instead, went back to the way I was eating prior to joining.

Currently, Jenny Craig is offering a 20 pounds for $20 offer. The Jenny Craig cuisine meals would need to be purchased in addition to this.

Weight Loss with Physician’s Weight Loss Centers

Physician’s Weight Loss Centers (www.pwlc.com) have been in business for 30 years. The web site for this program is not as attractive or extensive. There are limited branded foods for purchase. But I did lose more than 40 pounds with Physicians Weight Loss and I kept it off for the better part of two years.

I think the reason I was so successful with Physician’s Weight Loss was two-fold. One, I participated in this program at a time in my life when I has highly motivated to loss the weight. Second, when I was a participant, a key requirement was to remain in ketosis throughout the program. (The money back guarantee was invalidated if a participant dropped out of ketosis.) This meant I was in the Center three times a week, with a urine sample. Sounds archaic, but it indeed worked for me. In addition, I did learn several tasty tricks through Physicians Weight Loss that I continued after I left the program.

A weight loss goal is established for each participant and they are then “assigned” to one of six weight loss programs, with diets ranging from 800 to 1,500 calories.

Physicians Weight Loss also now offers on-line participation. The current cost is $6.00 per week.

The three programs I participated in, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Physicians Weight Loss Centers take different approaches in their guidance to losing weight. Therefore, participants are advised to consider their work, at home and fitness lifestyle when choosing a weight loss program.


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