Where To Buy Real Estate Properties In Greece

Buying real estate properties in Greece is a very appealing choice for investors and people who want a new property. Greece provides international purchasers an incredible selection of geographies, environments as well as standards of living to pick from. To begin with, Greece contains 200+ islands that are inhabited, and every island is different from each other. Even islands that are close together can have different geography. These islands are easy to reach if you are traveling from Europe. In this article, we will guide you on where exactly in Greece should you look for a property. Meanwhile, if you are looking for similar articles, you can visit HM Construction by clicking here. Without further ado, let’s start:

The geography of Greece

Greece is a big region, however, 3/4 of the country is not that populated since they are all mountainous regions. Having said that, Greece has some of the world’s most beautiful islands. Greece is a somewhat undeveloped country, which is not a disadvantage at all since it makes for a good paradise without the spoils of a big city.

  1. Athens

Athens is an urban region and a city that is full of history. Having said that, the city has suffered from economic problems, and it shows in the number of graffiti littering the streets. If you can look past that, you’ll have a wonderful city with many shops and amenities, public transportation, and other improvements to city living. Many people speak English here as a second language, which is a great deal if your knowledge of Greek is somewhat lacking. 

Athens provides the probability of entertainment and joy of city living all year long. There is lots of recreation in the cold months, and flights to and from the UK are relatively affordable. The majority of real estate properties in Athens are apartment blocks, however, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find high end houses in subdivisions.

  1. Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece, making it famous among tourists. It features a community of expatriates from North Europe, which makes it unique in its own right culturally in addition to being unique geographically.

All of these things make Crete a good place to buy real estate properties.

  1. Evia

The huge Greek island of Evia is just a 2 hour drive by car from the capital city Athens. It features peaceful seaside resorts and beautiful inland villages. This place is popular as a local vacation spot for people from Athens, however, it still has its appeal as an international tourist attraction, making it a good real estate purchase location.

  1. Dodecanese

The popular tourist hotspot Rhodes is located in Dodecanese, which means that any possible real estate investment here has the potential to earn big money. This region of islands contains beautiful village areas, each with their own unique geographical features. If you are looking to buy a real estate property on an island, perhaps you can find one to your liking here.


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