Who’s Responsibility is it to Supply Cleaning Products, the Housekeeper or You?

Hiring a housekeeper can raise the question about whether you are supposed to supply the cleaning products. This is a question that one could ask about someone who does lawn care. Should the person who wants their leaves raked, trees trimmed or the lawn mowed be the one who has to supply the equipment necessary for the task? Most of the time a person who wants their lawn taken care of wouldn’t have to supply the materials for the job since something, for example, to trim trees may require several different trimmers to do the job. Plus not everyone has an assortment of trimmers handy to trim trees to begin with. They may only have one trimmer if any. Lawn equipment can take up a lot of room and they can be costly. Just check out the price of some lawn mowers. Likewise, it would seem that the housekeeper would have to bring their own cleaning supplies since it goes with the job but that’s not always the case.

If the housekeeper is someone that you’ve hired outside a company or maid service, you may be expected to supply the cleaning products. You may also be expected to fill up the gas tank if the housekeeper has to run errands such as picking up cleaning supplies. If you have to provide the housekeeper with money during errands be sure to ask for the receipt and your change when the housekeeper returns.

If the housekeeper is part of a company or maid service you should expect them to supply the cleaning products unless they aren’t required to depending on the company’s policies. Before you hire a maid service be sure to ask if they will supply the cleaning products. If they do supply the cleaning products this may affect the price of their services. The price may reflect or include the price of the products. It also may reflect or include the cost of gas. The price of maid services that do not supply the cleaning products may be much less than those who do. But this may be dependent on whether the maid service is locally owned or commercially owned. Locally owned may be higher since they have to compete with commercially owned businesses.

In hiring a housekeeper outside of a company or maid service it may be expected that you will be supplying the cleaning products. Before you hire the housekeeper ask what is expected of you. Do they want you to supply the cleaning products and gas if they need to run an errand? Or will they bring their own cleaning supplies and not expect you to pay for gas. If you have to supply everything you may choose to go with someone who does. The best 12v car vacuum cleaner will have adequate supply of the gas for the cleaning of the dust from cars. There will be no requirement for paying of the money for the product. 


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