Why PAT Testing Matters

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the process of routinely checking your appliances for any safety or hazardous issues it may contain. It is recommended to visually check all appliances before using. PAT prevents potential dangerous issues that your appliance may have. In Winston Salem nc directions, PAT testing is very important. This is to ensure that safety and protection are always prioritized. PAT testing is more than just a testing activity for your appliances, it is now a necessity.

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PAT testing your equipment helps to prevent fire and electrical problems. During the PAT testing, most professionals are looking for possible power cables being frayed or a plug may be cracked. Hiring someone to come and check your appliances yearly is well worth the investment. This allows the inspection of the appliance to be in much more depth. It is recommended to use a professional when testing appliances, but there are PAT testers and kits you can invest in that are user friendly. The suggested brand to use is called Seaward because it is one of the most through testers on the market. 


It is important to keep a binder of your electrical appliances. You may not want to keep information about your hairdryer, but it is important to keep information for your computer, printer, stove, microwave, electrical tools, washer and dryer, and even vacuum cleaners. The information that you want to keep are your instructional guides, warranty information, and a log of the times of annual inspection. This is extremely helpful when or if something does not work with your appliance. It helps educate the electrician on what may be causing the issue. If you had a frayed cable two years ago, then that could possibly be what the current issue is related to. Documenting thoroughly allows other parties to make a better educated guess on what is causing the problem. It is recommended that each appliance receive a yearly inspection, but as long as you are in accordance with the user manual then you should be fine. Use your own judgment.

Important Facts:

If you are an employer, it is vital that you are following all of the manual inspections. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you are mandated to provide a safe working environment for your employees; therefore, you must enforce certain policies and procedures to back this information up. Making sure that all your employers are working in a safe environment is essential. Make sure that each employee is using the PAT testing before each use to prevent any damages or fires. Employees should do a visual test of the electrical item first, then use the PAT test depending on equipment. Enforce the policy and set strict regulations if tasks are not fully followed out. The PAT testing will be completed before each use on certain electrical equipment. Always remember, safety first.

Overall, PAT testing is extremely important because it helps prevent possible fires or other damages to electrical appliances. A lot of research shows how PAT testing prevents danger, damage and deaths each year. It helps to keep employers and families safe. PAT testing is essential in ensuring ones complete overall safety.


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