3 Fat Burning Exercises That Will Help Firm Up Your Body

If you weigh a few extra pounds, it can be a factor for many problems in your life. In order to remove these extra pounds, you’ll have to engage in a fat-burning exercise as well as change some dietary and lifestyle habits. Losing weight will definitely be an advantage to your health, and also your looks. This is why you should read it before buying any exercising machine. 

Fitting into your skinny jeans or being able to wear tighter fitting shirts or even skimpy and sexy bikinis is just an added plus of losing weight. When you lose weight you’ll be able to live longer to see your kids get married and for them to have kids. You’ll have more energy to pursue your dreams. You feel good that you’re taking care of yourself on a daily basis. You can inspire others to take care of themselves. You’ll avoid diseases and be able to live life full-on with tons of energy, excitement, and fulfillment.

But, looking hot in a tiny cheeky bikini doesn’t hurt either does it? Hopefully, the way you look will play second fiddle to how you feel and how healthy you become as a result of weighing less on that scale.

There are many fat loss programs and fat burning supplements available on the market. However, it’s not about which program is the best. Most people start a program and after a few days of not seeing any result, dump it saying it’s not working. Most success stories are all about committing to the program even when you reach plateaus. In fact, there are programs where they address problems of plateaus in their workout regimen.

More than seeing results the idea is to change your mental habits. It’s to change your essential nature. We want to stick with something long enough to not only enjoy it over time but actually change our behavioral patterns in life. Stick with something long enough and the results will come, guaranteed.

In this video, however, Craig Ballantyne is showing you his 3 best moves in order to lose that extra weight. The exercises are simple enough that you only need one piece of equipment, a dumbbell. Compared to other exercise equipment, dumbbells are a lot cheaper. In some cases, you may even try out kettle-bells.

Kettle-bells are Russian in origin and they work by swinging up and down and over your head. They’re amazing for functional whole-body resistance. They’re almost considered to be a compound exercise.

If you have dumbbells use them. If you don’t have any free weights around you might want to consider going to a flea market or even a neighborhood garage sale. You can get them for really cheap.

But remember when we were saying that we’re changing our habits right? Well, what do you do if you don’t have either dumbbells or kettle-bells? Most people would be inclined to put off this workout until they buy some. Then they’ll make every attempt to put off buying them because deep down they don’t want to do the workout.

Realizing this and realizing lying to themselves isn’t working, they start to feel guilty. It’s a vicious cycle. So how do you break it? Simply start right now using no weights or find some water jugs to life for these workout routines.


This exercise is one of the oldest exercises. It’s similar to the kettlebell swing as well. It is performed with either one or both hands holding the dumbbell. Swing the dumbbell in front of you and let it fall in between your legs as it goes down. Swing it up again using the power of your hips as you thrust forward. When done properly, the dumbbell swing works out your hamstrings, glutes, and hips.

Not only that but it improves balance and increases oxygenation, blood flow, heart rate, and lung capacity. As an anaerobic exercise, it’s one of the best you can do for your overall health and fitness.

Burpees are basically a combination of a squat, pushup, and vertical leap. To do this exercise, you start with a standing position. Dropdown into a squat position with hands on the ground. Kick your feet back while lowering yourself into a pushup position. Return your feet to the squatting position before. Leap up as high as possible from the squatting position with your arms overhead.

The key is jumping as high as you can off the ground like you’re trying to reach the stars. Burpees will make a little girl out of any man out there. They’re intense and a great cardiovascular full-body exercise. They’re right up there in terms of being the perfect exercise as the step-ups on a high bench or platform.

This is an overall body workout that works both your upper and lower body. With two dumbbells lifted at shoulder height, squat down and then up. After going up from the squatting position, raise the dumbbells over your head and back down to shoulder height.

This works your upper deltoids and your quadriceps along with your balance and timing. You’ll feel your lungs burning too after about 5 of these bad boys.

Just try maintaining these three simple exercises and you’ll see that results are not in the number of types of exercise you do. It’s in sticking to your program. That’s the formula for effective fat burning exercise.

In closing, I hope that you change your lifestyle and life habits to include healthier wholesome, organic foods (mostly raw), and a good exercise program. And I hope that the motivation for you to do this is deeper than superficial and narcissistic looks. I hope that you have a passion now for living long and healthy and being an inspiration to others along the way.


Alma is a travel enthusiast who loves visiting historical sites. Besides this, she loves creative writing and shares her views on the different events that are going around her.