CBD Topicals: Working Of The Topicals And How It Can Be Beneficial

Since thousands of years, ancient culture has used CBD derived creams and salves on their skin. Why? Well, there are a plethora of benefits that the ancestors experienced by using the CBD on their skin directly. Now, those CBD products are again becoming popular in the market and are also facing acceptability across industries, topicals like CBD cream for pain are also coming back in-game. 

Cannabidiol aka CBD

Now, that the discussion is that, what are CBD topicals. Let’s first clear out what is CBD or cannabidiol. This compound is found in the marijuana plant of Sativa plant. This falls in the group of cannabinoids which are the main compounds of the cannabis plants. CBD has no psychoactive effects on the user, like THC, which is a psychoactive compound. Instead, CBD helps treat various health issues like pain, mental problems, lack of appetite etc. Most of the CBD products will have pure CBD and will have 0 to 0.3% of THC present in it.  

About CBD topical

CBD topicals come in the form of balms, salves, ointments, lotions, creams etc. that has a certain amount of CBD in it. These topicals are applied on the skin directly, which then gets absorbed to the dermal layers to provide the benefits. When it comes to CBD cream for pain, they are categorized under various factors and categories. One such factor is the type of concentrate used in the topicals. This divides the creams and lotions, into:

  • Full-spectrum : this will have CBD + THC + plant cannabinoids
  • Broad-spectrum : this will have CBD + THC
  • Isolate: only CBD in pure form

CBD topicals are mostly used for treating soreness of the muscles and any kind pf painful inflammation on skin or muscles underneath. These products are also useful for cosmetic purposes, as they can treat allergies and various skin problems.

Working of CBD topicals

These topicals are used for both muscle soreness and for making one skin better. These creams and lotions go beyond the upper layer or epidermal layer of the skin; instead, it is capable of reaching the sub-dermal layer and dermal layer of the skin easily. 

The skin has various receptors like endocannabinoid receptors of ECS systems, pain receptors, TRPV receptors etc. Now, these receptors are responsible for modulating the pain and soreness. CBD in the creams gets absorbed and latches to the receptors, and send signals. This then helps in regulating the sensation of pain and inflammation. 

If the problem is related to skin and muscle, then topical are much more effective due to its fast action. Taking CBD orally can take up a lot of time to show the result, as it will reach the receptors through the bloodstream. But, when applied on skin it gets absorbed quickly and shows results fast.

Buy smart

One should be careful while picking any CBD topical product. There are many to choose but not all will have the same effect. Therefore, one should do some research and find the cream or lotion that will be effective. Find the amount of CBD present, what other elements and cannabinoids are present and what is the extraction process of the CBD. 


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