Remote Video Surveillance System

Presently, there are numerous types of home and business security systems that can be used to enhance one s security, but none beats them all as remote video surveillance system. In a layman s term, a remote video surveillance security system is a PC-operated video surveillance system that enables users to keep an eye on their property by remote access. Basically, the user will watch an asset via a real-time video stream on the World Wide Web.

The cost of acquiring web cameras has drastically reduced over the years. Webcams are extremely vital components in remote video surveillance system. The cameras are available in the market in different models and designs making them easier to conceal in remote locations. The cameras have been designed to offer real-time video feed of all the areas of the building.

A majority of private investigators as well as law enforcement agencies worldwide normally apply remote video surveillance system such as jasa pasang cctv in their day to day work as a means of tracking and monitoring criminal activities. These persons can keep an eye on video display units remotely from the automobiles or portable computers. The display units are basically attached to wireless web cameras that have been strategically placed in hidden areas.

Applications of remote video surveillance system

Gas stations

A majority of auto gas pumps are observed using remote video surveillance system 24/ 7. The video surveillance systems have been setup in such a manner that they can capture digital images of the whole property throughout the day. The real-time video feeds offer a keen eye on all the happenings within the facility. Most criminals have been identified and arrested thanks to this kind of surveillance.

Baby camera

A baby camera is also another type of remote video surveillance system. It has managed to gain a lot of popularity amongst a majority of parents over the years since its invention. Baby cams enable parents or guardians to monitor their children from work. As such, it provides parents with an additional tool of security as they are able to keep tabs on their children thus giving them the much needed peace of mind that their children are safe. In addition, day care facilities offer remote video surveillance as an extra to parents so that they can keep an eye on their children from wherever they are.


Most casinos especially the ones in Las Vegas have an improved version of remote video surveillance system. The surveillance systems comprise of state-of-the-art security cameras that are incorporated into enhanced face recognition application programs. As clients walk all over the casino, they are continuously monitored by the remote video surveillance system. Any illegal or suspicious activities are immediately identified and investigated by the casino security.

As terrorism threat continues to rise with each passing day, government security agencies worldwide are adopting remote surveillance systems as a means of monitoring the happenings on various streets, buildings and metropolitan regions. In most cities, surveillance security cameras have been placed in strategic locations on the streets so as to monitor activities within the city.

How to choose surveillance systems?

Not all business establishments have the same security needs. This may range from nature of business to levels of security requirements. There are different types of remote video surveillance systems that a business can implement, for example, network business surveillance system. This enables business owners to install various security cameras in different areas. Video feeds from each of the cameras are fed into the server. Having multiple cameras enables the user to monitor various events from different viewpoints and angles from just a single monitor. This kind of remote video surveillance system is mainly used by business managers and security personnel who are solely responsible for surveillance of a comparatively big location.

Smaller businesses that do not have large areas to monitor mostly apply DVR security system, i.e. Digital Video Recorder. Unlike network business surveillance, DVR security system does not support a lot of cameras. Reason is, the more the cameras passing through the DVR security system results in poor image recording. Furthermore, excess data can cause the DVR system to break down.

The features of business surveillance system may differ from one system to another. The best surveillance system is one that enhances your security needs to logical level without increasing the cost of repairs. Motion sensor, is another feature that is common in most surveillance systems. The feature enables the remote video surveillance system to only record when motions are detected.


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