Botox For Underarm Sweating Affects More Than One Million Americans

Botox® for underarm sweating is one more Botox® treatment that provides lasting relief from the embarrassment of sweating in the underarm, you will find these botox before and after results really satisfying in case you willing to go for this treatment. The first studies conducted on Botox® for underarm sweating seems to show that the injections can safely lessen the sweating in the underarms for as long as two years.

Botox® for underarm sweating is a treatment for a condition that is thought to be affecting more than one million people in the United States and people having this condition are known to sweat as much as four times more than is normal in order to maintain body temperatures that are normal. Such a condition also affects the person’s ability to interact socially and also significantly interferes with normal daily activities.

Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Research finds that Botox® and underarm sweating are complimentary and the use of Botox® for treating this embarrassing malady can give relief to the person safely for as long as two years.

Botox® for underarm sweating is also necessary because treatment with Botox® is found to have a positive effect on the quality of life of the patient and most patients who have taken Botox® for underarm sweating has found it to be effectual and to greatly improve their ability to interact socially as well as interpersonally.

FDA Approved

The FDA has given its nod of approval for Botox® to be used for treating underarm sweating especially when underarm sweating cannot be treated by topical agents like prescription antiperspirants. Botox® may be injected in small doses which then releases the chemical messenger called acetylcholine which temporarily blocks the nerves in the underarm that stimulate sweating in a person’s underarm.

Temporary Controlling of the Sweat Glands

Before a person is treated for underarm sweating using Botox® her or she should be evaluated for other possible causes for the condition and this might include hyperthyroidism. This is done in order to ascertain that Botox® may be safely used to treat underarm sweating that does not require other treatment. There is still work to be done to establish the safety and effectiveness of

Botox® for underarm sweating in body areas other than the armpits. In addition, since Botox® is a prescription drug it should be used only under medical supervision.

Usually, a Botox® injection is treatment enough for underarm sweating especially for those patients who do not respond to topical therapies including over-the-counter antiperspirants as well as topical aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Botox® does not cure underarm sweating but rather is an ongoing treatment that helps to control the condition by blocking the nerves that stimulate sweat glands. According to some research studies done on Botox® for underarm sweating, there are positive indications that suggest that Botox® can provide effective and temporary control of underarm sweating in many patients.


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